Thursday, April 24, 2014

It's Thanksgiving Dinner-Summer Style!

Are there a few holiday dishes that you love so much that you crave them throughout the year? What if you could make a smaller "summer" version of a holiday dinner?

I love candied yams. Or sweet potato pie. Or any of the many ways sweet potatoes are doctored up and served as a side dish during the holidays. In our house we especially love them with toasted marshmallows on top. It can be a big production cooking it from scratch though. And it makes a massive amount. I wanted to try making it in a small amount and in less than 10 minutes, while incorporating our favorite part of the dish...the crunchy topped ooey gooey marshmallow topping.

I picked up 2 of these cinnamon brown sugar steam-able sweet potato bags at the grocery store this week. They come pre-sweetened and seasoned. I decided to try making a mini sweet potato side dish like the kind we enjoy at Thanksgiving.

It is ridiculously easy, beautiful to serve, and absolutely heavenly to eat! And just the right size too! One bag of sweet taters feeds 4, as a side dish. It's very rich and luscious, with little fat and calories (yes, they are high in sugar but if you eat it with turkey and salad I figure it's THE carb of the meal). And honestly, this isn't even a recipe. It's a cheat that looks fancy and tastes homemade. So just enjoy the pretty pictures and go easy on me if you're a foodie. :)

I plan to serve it with sliced roast turkey and a big fresh crispy spinach salad, sprinkled with pecans and cranberries. Hmm...maybe a maple vinaigrette dressing would be good? Feel free to add you recommendations! 

Once I add the beautiful salad and some juicy turkey's Thanksgiving Dinner-Summer Style!

~Random picture of a bluebird over the back yard. Just to add to the springy-summer-ish ambiance~

Here's the "Recipe"...haha

Candied Sweet Taters

•One bag of sweetened steam-able sweet potatoes, found in the frozen veggies section of the grocery store.

•1 teaspoon of butter

•10-12 large marshmallows

Steam the taters. In an oven safe dish mix the cooked taters with the butter. Cover with marshmallows. Broil 5 minutes on low.




Rita C at Panoply said...

Wow! That sure beats the casserole I worked on for Easter! Thanks for the time-saving alternative - I didn't know those were available. I may never go back to the labor-intensive recipe, lol!

La Petite Gallery said...

Now I am going to buy those.
It looks so delish.

Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

We love Thanksgiving dinner year round, too- your dinner sounds delicious. I'll be right over! ;)

SewSweetVIntage said...

Love this dish!!! Your photos are so pretty! Pinned

Charlene said...

Thank you! Found this post and ended up making this and only this for dinner and I'm okay with that! Best meal of comfort food for me in a long time!!!

Lynda said...

Awesome vintage linens and green plates! Candied husbands favorite....I did not know they make them already ready for the marshmellows!

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