Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Isn't a Race...

I haven't written a blog post in months. And honestly...

I have no reason why! I think sometimes an artist, or writer or creative soul must step back and take a break. I need fresh ideas. New inspirations. Or just nothing at all in this racing brain of mine. 
Sometimes I need my brain to be a blank canvas rather than an assembly line.
Sometimes you just have to live unplanned.

 I'm a mom of two little ones, a mom to two (not so little) fur children, and a part time art teacher. And sometimes a studio artist. :D

I can't say that my life is busier than most other moms but I also get overwhelmed easily.  

I started this blog as an outlet and escape. A way to inspire and be inspired in a calm "sitting in my jammies drinking hot tea after the kids are in bed" kinda way.

(Today's thrift store score was a stack of old vintage tablecloths! Not in perfect condish...but for $3 each such a find!)

I've been approached weekly about advertising on here. But, I don't know.

I've done it a few times. If it's something "Farmhouse Porchy". Something by a friendly like minded person, maybe with an etsy shop or a line of farm soaps. Or a small business person as relaxed as I am, I'll do it.

But I truly am the type to pass up money for the sake of my sanity and serenity. I have nothing against being a high powered uber blogger of course! I'm just not the high powered type.

Maybe someday when my days feel emptier  I can make the money roll in and get a page designer and get all fancy! But for now I am content with my little low key blog.

I am a daydreamer and noticer.  I can't stand being on a busy time table day after day. There is enough of that in life anyways, why would I want to take on more of it? I purposefully make time for doing nothing at all with my family and friends. That's what this life is all about right?

(another thrift store find today. I love this big old ruler!)

So, all of this is just a long way to say I have made the conscious decision to practice the lost art of contentment. Having empty times during your day is good for you I think. It's ok to say no to some opportunities as long as you can see that success is not always monetary.

And maybe a pinch of laziness thrown in for good measure won't hurt you either.

Have a relaxing day!



Unknown said...

Yesterday I wrote a post to close my blog.. a goodbye post because, like you, sometimes I just have nothing!
You touched a spot in me.. as an artist, we either have a LOT going on, or we are just static.
My boys are grown, fur baby is going to be 4... But I am helping with my grandbabies and it just fills me up so. It takes all my free time I breathe... watch a 7 month old and paint while he sleeps or when I don't have him. No need for any more stimulation and so my blog has been neglected.
I was approached and declined the few offers I got... it is my escape... MINE :)
Glad you wrote this piece.
Relax... sipping coffee in a slouchy tank dress right now. Designing a piece in my head like I always do!
Find me on FB... that's where I do more postings.

Laura @ duke manor farm said...

good for you for sharing your heart. you are such a talented artist that no matter what you do, or how little you do it, you are still amazing.
PS- I did miss you!

Stacey said...

I'm not an artist but also feel the need for nothing time. Too many time restraints or obligations make me crazy! I love just being at home and nesting when I can. I say just blog when you want to and don't worry a all about it. :)

Doreen @ Hymns and Verses said...

Amen and Amen!!!

Ron said...

I hear ya, Linsey! I agree. Relax!

Calypso In The Country said...

I agree with you! I am going through that sort of phase right now and although I love reading what everyone else is doing, sometimes I don't feel like I have enough to contribute without sounding forced.

Adina said...

Thank you for sharing this Linsey. Sometimes I feel guilty for not being super busy all of the time. I love my down time. It refreshes me. (I schedule in a nap every Wednesday afternoon before church)I'm surrounded by "over" achievers and sometimes wonder if I'm the only one who enjoys rocking on the porch without a piece of technology in my hand or just enjoying doing nothing sometimes. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

rush said...

I have unsubscribed from many "high-powered" blogs because, although they seem to say and show a lot, they are devoid of thought. They babble on endlessly about nothing, as if they are talking just to talk and showing just to show. It's empty of thoughtful consideration. Many of those types of blogs seem to say to me "Look at what I have", and the women paw through their stuff constantly trying to reinvent their homes. They obvious buy stuff just to show what they can do with it until it is done to death and move on. Recently, I found a blog I thought I would enjoy, but after witnessing the third rearrangement of her living room in as many weeks, she wasn't interesting any more. Personally, I would rather see one or two photos and feel like I'm sitting down for a short chat every once in while than see you day and after day while you show me everything you have done to keep your blog busy. These kind of women must have something lacking in their lives in order to devote so much time to their decor. I like many different kinds of blogs for many different reasons, but I don't like sitting there only to be entertained with incessant chatter and inundated with photo after photo of what you have and what you've done with it. (Don't get me started about sponsored posts!) I'm sticking with you knowing we'll chat occasionally and you'll share a little bit about what you've done with your time, and I may share a memory our visits has evoked. I'm on your email list, so when you post I'll know it. Keep up with what you're doing. Until next time...

Sherri S. said...

Love your blog. So many of the blogs I follow have gotten so busy with ads and hard to maneuver sites that I don't even enjoy them any longer. Thank you for keeping it real!!!! You are missed when you don't post. When you do it is wonderful. You deserve down time line everyone. :-)

Wednesday Blessings...

Unknown said...

Insightful and blissful! Reading your post makes me want to pour another cup of tea and just sit. Sometimes thats the best meidcine! Thank you for sharing :)

Pamela said...

Nothing wrong with just being Lins! I too enjoy just going with the flow. Keeping up with ads is a lot of work and sometimes I miss the days of just being. We need to get together sometime neighbor!:)

Loretta Castorini said...

You know, Linsey, I totally get it. I too haven't blogged in way over a year (I don't even know how long now). Once it got to the point of checking daily stats, I thought 'this isn't what its about'. Good for you! Enjoy your time, family and life!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Sandy Makin said...

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Unknown said...

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