Thursday, January 23, 2014

Faux Balustrade Lamp DIY-Cheap and Easy

Today I did a quick, cheap and easy project and wanted to share it with you.

If you're like me then you love balustrade lamps! You know, the ones that look like a turned wood farm table leg. Especially shabby distressed ones. And if you're like me you've probably noticed that most are a pretty penny.

Here's an example...

This lamp is one of the first that appeared when I googled the subject. This one is for sale on a website called Visual Comfort. It is 356.90. In fact, in my search I couldn't find any that were under $300. If I spent over $350 on a lamp my husband would  have a melt down. 

Sure, I guess you could find an actual old balustrade and get it wired and distress it.

If you want to spend 40 hours on a lamp. But for a busy mom like way.

I happened upon this lamp at Garden Ridge this morning. 

With flash

without flash

It is tall and somewhat substantial. It is made of metal. The metal was dark (unlike the "flash" photo depicts) and poorly painted with some kind of swipe-y brown distressing. But for 24.99, I knew I could make it work.

 I'll keep this short and sweet...just like the project itself! Honestly, it took maybe 30 minutes total working time (not including the 1 hour drying time between painting and distressing).

So first, paint the lamp with 2 coats of chalk paint. I used Annie Sloan Antique White.

 Here it is before distressing.

Sand it hard on areas that poke out. Just go to town until you reach the desired amount of distressing.

Carry it outside and blow off all the paint "dust". I learned this the hard way.

Now dip into some wax with a wadded up paper towel and buff it on...there are tons of finishing wax brands out there. I just happened to have regular old Johnson's paste wax on hand.

 Buff with a dry paper towel to get off any excess wax.

Now place it in your living room, with a goofy puppy photo bombing your photo...

And just a little side story about this table. This is where we put the xmas tree each year. We always move the chaise part of our sectional into another room to make room for the tree (we have a freakishly small living room compared to the rest of our house.) Anyways, when the chaise comes back you can't see this tiny table. Only the lamp.

I wish you could see it in person, it really looks like wood.

So there you have it! A one hour project for creating a pretty faux balustrade lamp for only 24.99

 Junebug thanks you kindly for coming by, although she is disappointed that you didn't throw her toy squirrel down the hallway or put peanut butter in her kong.

Maybe next time...

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Arranging "Stuff" on Shelves with Purpose

I'm having total writers block today. I have erased my intro 3 times. What the heck do I know?

Every time I start writing it begins to sound like I'm an expert, which I certainly am not! I wish I had the gift that some of you do to be funny or exciting when it comes to decorating. I'm just a girl who likes old stuff. I like to arrange it in my home. I like to collect it. 

Anyways. Let's just throw it out there today and look at pictures galore. That's what we really love, right? Seeing how other people are fluffing their nests!

 Today I got the urge to spruce up the dining room. It wasn't that bad, but the whole room was just a holding tank for other junk ever since Christmas. It needed to look purposeful.

My purpose in design today was to do an all neutral theme with some interesting textures. I incorporated a handful of browns and just a pinch of black with the mostly white color scheme. 

My other purpose was to use a few of the items I have for sale in my etsy shop. These items have not sold and I wanted to make sure they could be used and look good. You know, make sure my weird taste could possibly work for someone's decor. Also, I have a few new odds and ends I wanted to put in a place where I could display and enjoy them.

I got this old scale at a thrift shop two years ago. I forgot that I had it in the back of the bottom of this hutch. Kinda cool with the glass domes on it. I can't decide if I like them empty or not. I kinda do. It's simple, ya know?

These old wood finials had big screws sticking out of the bottom. I sat them on some antique light fixtures to give them a little more height.

I have two of these scroll-y wrought iron architectural pieces for sale in my shop. I think they look so interesting on bookshelves.

 You know I have a thing for old wire baskets!

 And chippy wooden chairs...

 These very timeworn old brushes are also for sale in my shop. I just think they have a neat industrial look to them.

 A Pillow cover made out of a real old flour sack. I bought this from another etsy seller who sews them herself. Man, I wish I could sew!

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by for a visit!

Stay warm!


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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cindy Lou...I,I,I Love You!

Every now and then I find an antique that seems so unlikely that it is overlooked by other shoppers.

Then again maybe it's just my weird taste and nobody likes it. 

I found Cindy Lou (yeah, I name my animal antiques. We name our cars too. Ruby and Max. But that's another story) for $15. She's about 18 inches tall and is an old plaster carnival prize.

Most of those old chalk ware pieces have garish colors or goofy grinning cartoon faces. But Cindy Lou looked like a sophisticated and serious lady. I just had to have her!!

Every room needs a statement piece. Don't you think? I just love a few large whimsical items displayed in a home. It gives the home a heartbeat and pizazz!
I once knew a real pig named Cindy was the sweetest little thing!

But gosh, the house seems so un-sparkley when the holiday decor comes down doesn't it?

In some ways it feels good to have an empty clean slate...

Although "clean" is a relative term. I keep finding Christmas doo dads hidden in every nook and cranny, like my snowballs and feather tree ornaments. Do you see them here? Where's Waldo?!

 And another lucky find lately was this little painting. For $3.99. Yes, it is an actual oil painting. And it is very old. It must be a knock off. It must! I can't imagine a dutch master painting being in a thrift store!! And if it is a knock off, kudos to the talent individual. I can almost read the signature...I need to research it. Maybe it's worth a fortune! Keep your fingers crossed for me! 

Here's the corner desk...patiently waiting for inspiration.

And lastly here's the new mirror I bought with some xmas money I recieved. It weighs a ton, so I'll need to bribe my better half to help me get it hung up there.

I guess next is spring stuff right? Hard to think about that when it's 30 degrees outside. But you know me...I have to change things up constantly. In between making dinner and folding laundry...


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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Love and Marriage

I have never decorated for Valentine's day. 

But this year, while sifting though old Christmas ornaments, I found something that made me feel sentimental and warm and fuzzy. Something perfect for a fun little Valentine's Day tree.

See the little heart ornaments on the tree? Those little flimsy hearts are so special to me! When I met my husband he was in graduate school and I was still in college. From day one we were head over heels in love I tell ya! He lived in Houston. I lived in Fort Worth. We dated long distance, driving back and forth on weekends, for 3 years. 

He had his own apartment, and I remember asking him if he was going to put up a Christmas tree for himself. Of course being a bachelor he wasn't.
I was so sad  to think of us apart and him coming home to a cold empty apartment each day.

So I secretly went to W-mart and bought him a little tree, and those heart ornaments, a few strands of lights and two stockings. I decorated his apartment while he was at work and surprised him with it.  I have a picture of it somewhere in a box, maybe I can find it and come add it to this post later. He said he turned that tree on everyday when he got home.

And so began our life together of me decorating our nest...and him putting up with the constant nesting. Haha!

Here we are...14 years ago.

"Ooooh... Kissy kissy face!"

 That's what I say to my little girls when we see someone kiss in a movie and they hide their faces and giggle and say "Gross!!!" 

Sometimes hubby grabs me in the middle of the kitchen while I'm unloading the dishwasher and gives me a big long kiss in front of them. The best part is grossing out the kids. Although I know they secretly love it. 

Seeing parents who love each other is the greatest gift a parent can give a child. I know how much I loved seeing my own parents break out in an impromptu slow dance and kiss in the kitchen when an "oldie" came on the radio.

 Things I have learned about love and marriage so far...

Let go of the little things. 

Make a list of your own flaws when you find yourself dwelling on theirs.

Start new family traditions together.  

And most importantly...

make time for fun together!


And now.

Lots has changed in our lives in 14 years. But when I see these little hearts I know that what matters most has not.

Happy Nesting little lovebirds!


Friday, January 3, 2014

New (Old) Goodies for YOU!

I've been adding some new stuff to The Farmhouse Porch Etsy Shop today!

I just wanted to do a quick post for all you online shoppers. Christmas break was such a fun filled whirlwind this year! Does it feel like it's over in the blink of an eye to you? Every year I feel like it races through like a runaway train. 

I really neglected my blog this season. It was nice to ignore the computer for a few weeks and focus on family and fun. 

 I'm excited to be part of 2 upcoming home project tours with all of my favorite blogging gals, one in January and the other Valentine's week. So stay tuned for that. I'm also working on a  post about my new pet pig. She never moves and requires no food. And I think she's about 75 years old. Are you intrigued?

Here are some of the news things for sale in my online shop

Click here to go to the Farmhouse Porch Etsy Shop

Thanks for looking friends, and Happy New Year to you!


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