Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Modern Marries Vintage with Some Industrial Accessories

Mixing Vintage and New

First of all...please forgive me for hurting your eyes with these horrible photos! I have a decent camera and I don't know how to use it. It's such a sin. My dad and my brother are professional photographers and I have no excuse besides the fact that I HATE learning new technology. I may be the only blogger to say it. I hate learning new things on the computer. That part of my brain is very stubborn. And these fancy digital cameras are in the same category as far as I'm concerned. It's on my "to do" list. 

Our new-ish house has 3 full bathrooms and no half baths, weird huh? This bathroom is part of a mother in law suite at the bottom of the stairs. This bathroom gets lots of traffic. And even though it is a full bath, it is super tiny. 

I've really neglected this bathroom. Decor wise, I really wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go with it. It's very contemporary. It's dark. It's sleek and masculine. And I really don't want to invest the money and time into major remodeling of a new (cookie cutter suburb) home when we know we may not be in it for a long time.

 After trying lots of "outfits" on this room, a soft industrial look in a palette of grays and neutrals and creams seemed to fit best.

 Oh, and I have a neat rack with hooks that will take the place of that towel rack. 

I bought the shower curtain at Target! Hooray for Tar-jay!

Are you enjoying this weeks' " The Scoop's Valentine Tour"? Hope so! If not, just scroll down and check out the cool projects shared by 25 wonderful bloggers this week! 

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Welcome to The Scoop's Valentine Tour!

Welcome to The Scoop's Valentine Tour!

It's not very often that you see a blog extravaganza this big devoted to Valentine's Day! Isn't it fun? I love to see new things in blog land and I have a feeling my 24 co-hosts will be sharing some playful and romantic inspiration during this week long party.  

I don't know that many people who decorate or craft for Valentine's Day. Do you? Maybe we are all still recovering from the Christmas decorating madness. This year I decided to try a bit of Valentine's decor. I already dedicated a post to it a few weeks ago, you can see more here

When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of romance of course. That magical feeling that you get when you meet "the one" and feel as though you are walking on clouds.

When you feel drunk on love...

But I also think about having someone to grow old with. That is the greatest gift of love.

When youth is gone. And all that is left is feeling like you have never known life without him. And you both end your journey with lives full of happy memories to share...dreams realized and adventures survived.

 Like this old postcard...

I've heard that in the end we really only remember the good times. We don't ramble on about the migraine we once had or the day we wore the wrong shoes and suffered at work all day. 

We will remember the day we met our true love. The friend who always made crafts and cookies for us to cheer us up. We'll remember the days we made things with our own hands with our children and the happiness we gave others.

And on that note, I'd like to share a little craft that I made today. I plan to give it to a friend of mine who needs some love and TLC. She was recently diagnosed with cancer. I know she could use a sprinkling of love and a BIG hug right about now. 

Start with an old shaker. And a small bottle brush tree. If you have bleached the bb tree, you can use rit dye to dye it pink. I bought the "scarlet" flavor, and used a few drops. Just soak the tree in a little bowl of the mixture.

Hot glue the tree into the inside of the shaker. Add your fake snow or glitter. Make sure to seal the holes on the top!

 Next, round up your favorite embellishments to make it fancy...

I like to attach a little love note hang tag.

And there you have it! A Valentine's Day snow globe. Perfect for sending in a pretty little box with a lovely love note. 

Thank you for stopping by and sharing the love♥


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