Monday, April 13, 2015

Life Isn't a Race...

I haven't written a blog post in months. And honestly...

I have no reason why! I think sometimes an artist, or writer or creative soul must step back and take a break. I need fresh ideas. New inspirations. Or just nothing at all in this racing brain of mine. 
Sometimes I need my brain to be a blank canvas rather than an assembly line.
Sometimes you just have to live unplanned.

 I'm a mom of two little ones, a mom to two (not so little) fur children, and a part time art teacher. And sometimes a studio artist. :D

I can't say that my life is busier than most other moms but I also get overwhelmed easily.  

I started this blog as an outlet and escape. A way to inspire and be inspired in a calm "sitting in my jammies drinking hot tea after the kids are in bed" kinda way.

(Today's thrift store score was a stack of old vintage tablecloths! Not in perfect condish...but for $3 each such a find!)

I've been approached weekly about advertising on here. But, I don't know.

I've done it a few times. If it's something "Farmhouse Porchy". Something by a friendly like minded person, maybe with an etsy shop or a line of farm soaps. Or a small business person as relaxed as I am, I'll do it.

But I truly am the type to pass up money for the sake of my sanity and serenity. I have nothing against being a high powered uber blogger of course! I'm just not the high powered type.

Maybe someday when my days feel emptier  I can make the money roll in and get a page designer and get all fancy! But for now I am content with my little low key blog.

I am a daydreamer and noticer.  I can't stand being on a busy time table day after day. There is enough of that in life anyways, why would I want to take on more of it? I purposefully make time for doing nothing at all with my family and friends. That's what this life is all about right?

(another thrift store find today. I love this big old ruler!)

So, all of this is just a long way to say I have made the conscious decision to practice the lost art of contentment. Having empty times during your day is good for you I think. It's ok to say no to some opportunities as long as you can see that success is not always monetary.

And maybe a pinch of laziness thrown in for good measure won't hurt you either.

Have a relaxing day!

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