Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Mantle Mental Problems

Sooo...I'm having mantle problems. No, not MENTAL PROBLEMS (although I probably have those too :D). I don't get fixated on design problems very often. I consider myself a creative problem solver and I actually enjoy working with what I have, rather than grumbling about what I need.

But geez mantle makes me a hot little potato. It is *maybe* 4 inches deep. What MAN (sorry men, but I am totally pinning this on you) designed this??? Forget about setting Christmas garlands, chunky vases, or anything that is not skinny on it. And there are no electric plugs up there to boot. Which would be understandable in an old house, but a new house? Ugh.

So I am going to have to get over my disproportionately strong anger over this and get creative. 

The problem is...

1. Poured concrete that looks like stone, so adding a wood shelf to the top won't do.

2. It is brand new house and I think anything that drastic would freak the hubby out.

If this was our forever home, I would totally do it. 

We built a little house years ago. It was our first home...before babies, when we were so fresh and unknowing. But even then I KNEW that the mantle had to be deeper!!

Wow...seeing this photo makes me sad because it seems like yesterday! Anyways, I was able to pay the wood working guy an extra $50 to cut me an extra deep wood mantle shelf to add to the existing builder grade one. And I remember paying $25 for every extra outlet plug I wanted in the house. I of course added one to the mantle. I hope whoever lives there now appreciates my forethought. :)

In other's a vignette featuring my broken shabby chippy old hen. Her bottom shattered, but I couldn't bare to throw her away. So I placed her in a pile of straw in a nesting box. It looks meant to be! 

And on the other side of the console table...this.

Over the next two weeks I'm going to be parting with some of my most FAVORITIST things!

I got this chair and big old floral canister with jadeite green trim, (with handles and a lock?) the other day. I want to keep that bin so BADLY! Should I keep it? Huh? Tell me I should. twisted my arm. I'll keep it for awhile.

Maybe just maybe I have that special little vintage item you have been hunting for???

After doing some "hunter-gathering" around town, and cleaning out some of my own treasures, I have found lots of chippy painted goodies and old shabby things to say goodbye to this week! I thought I'd give ya'll a little pictorial inventory of the loot. 

Also, I am thinning out some of my collections because Round top Antique Show is in a couple of weeks. Woo-hoo!  And lord knows I won't come home empty handed.

I have little office/inventory room in my house, it is "Farmhouse Porch Central" and where I store all of my inventory for my etsy shop... and is bursting at the seams!

Don't look too hard at the chair with the burlap loosley covering the seat . Let's just's a work in progress.

So...if you buy more than one item, and I can put them in the same box, I'm happy to combine shipping! Also, never hesitate to let me know if you are looking for something in particular. I just may have it!

But even if you don't see anything you just have to have ...


awal.ny said...

I love your decorating. As for the mantel, why not either nail a larger piece of molding on top if wood or glue if anything else. Paint to look the same as existing mantel. Either way, I like how you have it, but I also know how it can be when you have a look in mind and it is not working. Good luck. Alaina

chateau chic said...

You must keep the canister! It's so great and wonderful.
Mary Alice

Unknown said...

I dropped and broke my broody hen a few weeks ago :-( Big time sad face!!! If I hadn't I would have 'borrowed' your idea of the straw and nest box. LUV!!!
Keep the tin. It is so luvly!
Going to peek at your shop.
Hugs, Gee

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Oh I love it all, so keep it. Great vignettes and so creative. Thanks also for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

Anne said...

Beautiful treasures are always hard to let go.Especially the really cool ones!I say keep it and enjoy it for awhile until something else comes along and steals your heart!

Revi said...

Hi Linsey,
I think you could have fun with your mantel and use some large old rusy clamps to attach a wider board to on either end and work with them as part of your decor. Either that or build a wood top with a lip that fits perfectly over your cement top, and attach it to the wall with small L brackets. Gravity would pretty much work in your favor...

Christine @ Rustic-Refined said...

Yeah I agree with it it's a mans fault about the width of your woman would ever think that 4 inches is ok for a fireplace mantel. You have way more patience then me, hubby would come home and find it "broken"....LOL But but sweetheart, it just fell.....well considering what you have to work with I think you did a tremendous job! I love what you did :-)

White Lace and Promises said...

All the goodies look yummy! I love the wooden letter sorter??? and the scale and of course, I collect creamers and pitchers and no don't get rid of the canister. Love all your leftovers. Wish I lived closer.

Carla63 said...

I had the same problem with a too narrow mantle, but thank goodness mine was wood, so no problem putting a wider board on top. In your case, I would have already had the Liquid Nails out and fixed that baby up real quick. ;-)

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