Monday, August 26, 2013

I deem today the beginning of Autumn!

I deem today the beginning of Autumn! 

 Howdy-do!!! It may be a dreary, rainy day here in Houston, but I am as happy as a clam. After an incredibly hectic morning of dealing with the new baby puppy and getting 2 kids to two different schools for their first day of class, I came home to my cozy little abode and suddenly felt the urge to nest for autumn. It's MY house, and fall makes me happy, so I can pretend fall is here if I want, right? 

So what if it completely contradicts what my kindergartner is about to learn during her "calender" lesson today! Haha. 

I guess it's just something about the first day of school...apples for the teacher, the impending holiday season, fall foliage colors in the store windows, listening to my husband watch pre-season football "stuff" on tv...that makes my internal seasonal clock say "Fall is here baby, yeah!!!"

I took this photo this morning. I have to admit, I started to shed a few tears as I watched my little bird fly away without looking back at me. Sigh. She is the baby after all. :(

 Me, in 6th grade, raking up the beautiful fall leaves in Connecticut. Where has the time gone? This feels like yesterday!

The first day of school can be very emotional and stressful for a kid. I thought it would be nice to have a plate of cookies ready for mine when they get home today, and a nice message to make them feel special and loved. I remember coming home from school every so often in the fall, when I lived in Connecticut, and my mom would have pretty music playing and something baking. The house would smell like pumpkin and cinnamon yankee candles, and there was a warm feeling that made me feel loved and relaxed.

 I always seem to try to bring that feeling of "New England in the fall" into my own home. It just feels like happy memories and coziness. I hope that someday when my girls are grown and gone, they have similar loving memories of our home.

 I have a scented candle addiction! 99% of them smell like Christmas or fall. MMMM! This is a new little glade one I picked up called autumn hayride or something like that. What is your favorite candle "flavor"?

 This awesome table was custom made by the sweetest gal ever! Her name is Amber and she owns  Sienna Bella Rose Etsy Shop.  She is a wonderful, hard worker and can make you something beautiful too. 

The quilt below was made for me as a wedding present by my best friend's mother almost 11 years ago. I adore homemade gifts, they are the best kind. 

And as of this week, there won't be much "decor" to see below waist level in our house ...

Due to our new addition! Miss Junebug...

I have been babysitting all day. It's as much work as watching a human baby!

I also moved my little clock collection to the plate rack. They fit so perfectly, I don't know why I didn't think of it before!

So there you have it. A taste of fall! Verrrry early!


Tina@WhatWeKeep said...

It hasn't poured down on my side of town, Linsey...just steady and light. I need some big rain! I love your clock collection and your new baby Junebug is so cute! I just want to squish her. I'm so ready to feel the cool breeze of autumn.

Gypsy Heart said...

Well, I'm between Ft.Worth and rain here, just heat. Glad you're having a wonderfully, peaceful day! I am a candleholic myself and adore good music. In the fall, I love the pumpkin, cinnamon, spicy fragrances.

Your Junebug is so adorable! I can only imagine trying to potty train in the rain. My boy is the best I've ever had as far as being so good but he does not like the rain or storms.



Aimee at Refresh-Renew... said...

You go girl! If you want fall...then fall it is! :o)
love the plate rack with clocks. {new follower}-coming over from Inspire Me-aimee

Pamela said...

Lins I love Junebug! She is adorable and yes they are just like a newborn baby! Thankfully Savannah is not as much work now that she is one but she still gets a crazy in her and wares me out. Love all you fall. I need to get to doing mine. You have inspired me. I am stuck though between finishing off normal decor so I can take pics for reveals or just going ahead and reveal with fall. What to do!? Glad you had a nice quiet day.

Unknown said...

So pretty! I hope the kids have a successful first week back. We don't start back until next Tuesday (me too.) I love the farmhouse table. That is the perfect finish on it and the autumn arrangement is so pretty.

Unknown said...

I hit publish too soon oops. Junebug is a cutie. I too love Fall scented candles that smell like baked goods especially (cinnamon, maple etc.) Wishing you a great week.

Rita C at Panoply said...

What a sweet thing to do for your young ones to come to - and I bet they'll remember, just as you have, when they grow up.
I love Scentsy burners these days - the night-light plug-in kind - no flames, just scented wax that burns by the 7W bulb. Summer scent is lemon chiffon, Fall & WInter is Honey Pear Cider - yum!
Btw, clocks look great with the plates!
Have a great week,

Unknown said...

Well Linsey you would luv the smells coming from my oven right now.
The warm Fall smell of an apple crisp. I too ahve been bitten byt he Fall bug all of a sudden. Especailly since we have had temperatures in the low 70's at night ( I am in North central Florida. The last 3 weeks we have had highs in the 90's and lows int he 80's)
I am a Fall girl..( NYC). So I am like you... candles are pumpkin in the Fall and apples and cinnamon in the winter. YUM!!

Donna Wilkes said...

What is cuter than a Junebug? You are making memories for your children which will last a lifetime.

Cranberry Morning said...

Love the plates and clocks! And there's not much cuter than a sweet little pup.

Heirloom treasures said...

Lovely post,such a memorable day. :)

ANNE said...

I love your plate rack and that chalkboard sign. Gorgeous! But most of all, I LOVE THAT PUPPY!!!!

How fabulous, congrats on your new baby.


Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

What a lovely post, Linsey. It's so wonderful that you are intentionally creating such a special atmosphere for your kids, knowing it will fill them with sweet memories of home. I ADORE fall, and I'm so afraid if I embrace it too quickly it will be gone too quickly! We're still in southern California, but I bet when we get home to Colorado next week it will be feeling more like Fall there! Love your clocks, and all the pretty things you shared.

Creating a Life

Emily said...

I simply adore your vintage clock collection!!!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Happy Fall to you, but I'm hanging on to every last minute of summer! We had so much rain this year on the Gulf Coast, that I didn't get to see much of summer at all. Now, the clouds have finally cleared and I need to cram in some beach time!

Pretty table - and I agree about making your house relaxing, calm and happy for children when they come home from school! Off to bake cookies!

Katherines Corner said...

lovely Autumn decor. It's still so hot here it's hard for me to even think about Autumn. Although it is one of my favorite seasons. Hugs P,.S. Junebug is adorable!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post!
I'm not a big lover of fall - sadly - because it's just too close to winter and you'd have to live in Montreal to " get " that LOL

Anne said...

I am not ready for fall...I guess I am in denial LOL!I do love fall but winter follows and I am not a fan!
Your home is so pretty and yes I do LOVE me a scented candle! Oh the days of starting school.The years fly by way to fast so enjoy them.I cannot believe my daughter will be 14 this year.Not long ago I was saying I can't believe she will be 13!

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