Monday, May 20, 2013

Iced Tea...Texas Style

 Howdy howdy! I hope you are all safe and sound and tornado free. As bloggers, we never know exactly where our audience is. You could be reading this in Alaska, Hong Kong or Moscow for all I know! That's such a neat concept. 

 I am in Houston,TX. And let me tell you...summer smacked us in the face this week! It went from mild to 90 overnight. The Dallas/ Fort Worth area is the place I call home. I still haven't mentally become a Houstonian. But I digress...

When the temps soar and the cicadas starts buzzing, there's only one drink for a true Texan. Iced tea of course! Setting up a drink station is one of the simplest and most elegant ways to entertain during the summer, and it's certainly not my original idea. All over Pinterest you can see the most beautiful and over the top drink stations (and cocoa stations, and candy stations...). But even when you're only having a few guests over, you can whip up a pared down version in no time.  I like the idea of clearing off a piece of furniture away from the kitchen (where the crowds congregate during a get together) and setting out a "help yourself" drink buffet. 

This is a very small and simple example. Perfect for a small get together. This is in my dining room on the hutch, but wouldn't it be wonderful on a big porch? 

I bought some little chalkboard stands at a floral supply store on my recent trip to New Hampshire. I gathered just a few items that I had on hand. The lemons were left over from our crawfish boil this weekend, and the mint is from my garden.

Mint, lemon and sugar are just the basics. I love adding mango chunks or orange slices on a pretty plate too. 

And isn't this dough bowl cute? It is from a great shop called Farmhouse Decor. MUST check out this online store!

I love the way the bowl has been distressed. Check it out! 

 You would never know that it isn't super old.
I've never seen anything like it in a store. It really is beautifully unique and well made.
I know I will be using this wonderful trencher for every season. Won't it be perfect for autumn, full of little white pumpkins, apples or acorns? Please go check out Farmhouse Decor. The owner is a a blogger too! Her name is Barb and she would be delighted to have you stop by HERE

I also did another painting recently. What do you think? 
It is available at my Etsy shop HERE

So, to finish up our little visit, here's a nice cold refreshing glass of tea just for you...

And here's your sugar oxoxoxox

Hope you have a relaxing and stress free week. Especially my tornado ally friends...stay safe!


Unknown said...

Nothing like sweet tea to a Southern Gal :-)
I am presently sitting here listening to thunder roll over head. Rain pound on the sun room roof and the windows... a typical summer afternoon in North Central Florida. I luv the electrical storms. I know they can be dangerous, but they are beautiful non the less.
Lets all stay safe.
Hugs, Gee

MyGuideToHomemade said...

Well I sit here in my fleece jumper wishing I had some of that heat! That's May in Scotland this year! Usually May is warm and sunny - still pretty cold this year. Hopefully we are due for a nice warm summer and a short winter... Love the iced tea presentation. My drinks station at my Superhero party used a similar decanter - I love it! Can't wait to use it at another party :) And just maybe I will have an iced tea station...

Unknown said...

I would love to share a glass of tea with you. It is quite warm today here in Ontario, Canada on our long weekend Monday. Your hutch is very pretty and the addition of the drink station is a great idea.

Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

Funny, I now have to go get an iced tea.

It's really hot here too - 90 for Ohio, early this year, yuck.

Stay cool and dry and enjoy that tea!

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

What a lovely drink set up. Your dispenser is amazing! Colorado weather is still quite confused-today it's misty and rainy. But our iced tea weather is coming! Stay cool and have a great week!


p.s. I'm pinning this on my "Picnics and Parties.." board : )

Rachel Guerrero said...

No joke about the weather situation, I'm in Texas also closer to Austin and we went literally from unpredictable weather to hot, hot weather. Your tea station sure does look refreshing right about now!! Nice job as always!

Rachel @ what makes a home

Anne said...

Love your iced tea station! Perfect for a party! Beautiful painting too! Where did you find your dispenser for your iced tea?

Jana@Transformations From the Heart said...

Great iced tea station. I so agree about the weather, crazy this year for Texas though the last couple of days have been hot hot hot. The next 10 days it's suppose to be in the 90's. I'll be enjoying me lots of ice cold tea for sure.

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