Sunday, March 31, 2013

Tour a 100 Year Old Cottage...she was mine for awhile :(

     I always try to remind myself that in this life we own nothing. Everything is borrowed, to be enjoyed for a short or long while, eventually to be cast out, passed down or sold. I stumbled across some old pictures on my computer this evening. Pictures of the home Chris and I rented right after we got married. A really neat old cottage that had loads of charm and extras I wish I could have kept forever. But I had to move on and leave them for another renter to enjoy. Looking at these pictures is bittersweet. Sweet in that it was a young and carefree time in our lives when so much awaited us. No babies yet! No mortgage. All of that. But the bitter part is that I now live in a house that doesn't have the cool vintage charm of my first house. I feel like I'm constantly trying to add it on. I wish I could have held on to some of these things and kept them with me in every future house we'd live in.

I'd still rather live in my current house than this one. But before I get to that, let's enjoy the pleasant aspects...

Here is the old house. Look how proud Chris is. Our first place!

The kitchen was SO COOL! Check out that sink! The glass and open shelving cabinets had original latches from around 1920. I turned that little back corner area into a sitting nook. It should have been a dinette area, but we were still at that age where the kitchen was the "hang out" and not a place to sit down to family meals.

 My style was "French Country Italian Shabby Chic Farmhouse Hand-me-downs" back then. With the occasional napkin covered cardboard box side table? Dear lord...tell me that was just temporary!

No dishwasher! No disposal. No PANTRY. Not a closet in the house except a tiny his and hers in our bedroom. And the house had about 1300 sq. feet!

 Sigh...Such a beauty of a sink though. 

Boy this stove was an adventure! I had to light it myself, the oven too! I think it was from the 1950's if I recall. 

Chris was such a trooper. 

Funny side note: a standard cookie sheet did not fit into the oven. 

It had lovely hardwood floors, chandeliers in 3 rooms, french doors, glass knobs, custom woodwork...subway tile...all of the charming features that I love in a house!

We never could get that black off!

 It had a big front porch with a blue beaded board ceiling. 

Out back were huge old oak trees and a garage with a tiny guest house.

Carport with beaded those details!
However, our pick up truck could not fit into the car port. Built for a model "T" I guess! 

Neither of us had ever "co-habitated" so starting a household together was very exciting for me. It felt like a huge domestic adventure...
And it WAS an adventure. This gorgeous 100 year old house was actually more like a big fat lesson. It taught me that a beauty queen may be great to look at. But you don't want to marry her and live with her high maintenance! LOL

This bathroom had so many random things. Like this old non working heater, the weird pull down cabinet doors, and the button on the wall. An old light switch I believe.

As lovely as the houses' features were, I couldn't wait to get out of it when I became pregnant with our first. Besides the perils of lead paint, the lack of insulation and the annoyance of antiquated or nonexistent appliances, there were critters galore...and I don't mean cute baby bunnies. 

Happy Easter to you and Yours!



p.s.For all you architectural historians out there... The house was built in the 1920's I believe. So not quite 100 years old, but it's PDO (pretty darn old)


White Lace and Promises said...

Oh, honey this is my dream home! Love the character, the kitchen and the little nook are my favorites.

Shari said...

I think you would love our current house. It's a farmhouse that was built in 1892 and has/had a lot of that charm you mention. It had a total renovation from 1994 to 2006 (a real labor of love for the folks who owned it then) The sink is wonderful and our house had one but it was taken out for a semi-modern one (I have no idea why!) Anyway, just thought I'd share, you have lovely style!
Shari Malcomb

Vintage Gal said...

Love this little house. The charm is magnificent. You are right that some things are not meant to be kept, held on to but one must let them go. At least you have pictures and you can re-create ;-)

chateau chic said...

I love all the wonderful built-ins and charm of this old house, but you're right, old and charming can become a money pit with the high maintenance on such a place.
Fun going down memory lane I'm sure.
Mary Alice

Unknown said...

I love old homes, mine is 106 years old. They have so much character! I have that same sink in my kitchen! I loved seeing all the ughs about this house!

miss flibbertigibbet said...

What's so wonderful about remodeling though is that you can remember the great features and add them in! AND this time they would all work, be clean and without other life forms!

MyGuideToHomemade said...

This looks so lovely what a great look back down memory lane x

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Wow, what a little gem... with all of its quirks and charm :) Beautiful memories, I bet! ~Pernilla

Anne said...

What a beautiful first place! Mine was not so cute but you have to start somewhere right.And with our moves we kept adding space.Now I am thinking the next move I was less LOL!

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

You are making me very happy that we are building a new house versus buying an old restored house! Thanks for the reminder, darling, but no pantry, really?

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

What a sweet first place! Thanks for sharing the memories with us!


An Oasis in the Desert said...

Oh, those early days of marriage are certainly meant to be treasured. Ours was three different places in less than a year --oh, to be young and very flexible!

Ruby said...

I truly felt the heart strings pulled. I have lived in two vintage cottages, and now live in a third. Our first was a rental 1930's , and when you mentioned the his and hers closets it brought back memories... we only had one for our master and we also had a jack and jill bath in the cottage, and napkin box.. ha mine was a napkin covered speaker! Our second cottage, was a 1920's bungalow, and our dream home, but sadly we had to give it up to short sale as my husband lost his job, I have often looked at photos and wished like you that I had kept more of what I had used to decorate it so that I would have a nod to what used to be, but in many ways I am grateful for the fresh start in our new to us 1940 ranch style cottage, which is slowly finding it's way into my heart... hopefully you have found a home that has done the same.

Ruby said...

Oh... and now following both your blog and your FB page.

Unknown said...

This is a lovely home! The carport with the beaded board adds a nice touch to its elegance. I recently consulted a professional about carport designs to add to my home. I will mention this design when I see him next week. Thanks for the idea!

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