Wednesday, May 16, 2012

My Shabby Office Nook and the Morphing of "Shabby Chic"

In our new house we have a guest bedroom. I use to have a bed in here. I had it all done up as a cute little guest bedroom. For the very occasional visitor. Then I got practical. I realized that I needed an office. I needed a place for my "used to to it daily-stopped using it and gained weight-now using it again-ugly, clunky, massive,beastly,loud" treadmill. But most of all I needed an art studio. I'm sure you're looking at the teensy tiny painting below thinking "a whole studio to paint those?". I paint paintings that range in size from 3 inches to 5 feet. So I did away with the guest bedroom. Best appropriation-of-space decision I've ever made.

I put my computer on an old desk in the closet, with shelves and a little lamp and a bulletin board. When THE closet makeover happens I will show it to you. The right side of the room is pure function. This is where the treadmill, huge easel, and paint cart reside. 

What I'm showing you today is my shabby chic, guilty pleasure grandma nook on the left side of the room. I know that Shabby Chic has grown to include many subcategories. Farmhouse Shabby. French Shabby. Prairie-Ranch Shabby (ie her new place at Roundtop). Beach Cottage Shabby. Garden Shabby. I mean, really, Shabby Chic could be further defined into so many wonderfully unique niches. I think Rachael should explore that for future books, don't you? Hey idea! I'm sure nobody has eeever thought of that. :D 

And I'm here to say that, although it may morph and change a bit, Shabby Chic is here to stay! 

I've pretty much weeded out the "dripping with lace and roses" shabby stuff from my house. I've gone towards a more Shabby Farmhouse look. The rose cottage look is now confined to MY room. I still love to admire this look. I love old cottages with white fretwork,creaky floors, and gobs of floral quilts and dishes. You should see this room at night. The lamp casts a beautiful warm glow and my girls often play at the desk while I have my vanilla tea and blog. OK, I've babbled on long enough. Here is my "happy place". :)

"Wamame Acres" painting

I throw leftover, random florals up on top of this secretary. Somehow they seem to work together while waiting to be used.

Do you have a sentimental room or area in your home? 



Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

How nice you made it into a creative space just for you.

It is NICE to have that for ourselves. I am so happy for you.

Anita at Cedar Hill said...

I know I don't like having things like electronics out showing in my house, but hey you have to put them somewhere. Good move, making a studio out of an unused room. You NEEDED that!! When do we get to see your lovely new chairs? hee, hee

Pura Vida said...

When I lost (sold) my art studio I lost my mojo. My new studio will be done in a few months, maybe in the fall and I cannot wait!!! How often do you really have guests? A lot less than you paint! Good form!

Cynthia said...

Nice that you made it into a space for yourself. I love having my own office to do my blog, plan my projects or just take some down time.

I love the mirror and things in your office. Check out mine when you have a free minute. I would love it.


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