Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome to "Cowgirl Up!" Link Party #13

Welcome to Week 13 of 
 Cowgirl Up! Link Party . . .

the party with a cowgirl can-do  spirit!

1 Party, 4 Blogs

Hey everyone!  This is Amanda over at The Ivy Cottage Blog!  I recently took a little vacation to Austin, TX and enjoyed some evenings of sunsets, good friends, great margaritas, and starry nights.  It was so nice to spend some time with my hubby and just relax.  Needless to say, this week's features are inspired by vacation, relaxation, and good times.

Check out Betsy's recent makeover at her heighbor's house.  Love the beachy feel and the unusual color palette!

Follow along with Cherise as she creates her "Favorite Things" Quilt!  Stunning!

A little Cowgirl dreaming inspiration from Angie over at Swede Dreamer!

If you were featured here, grab a Featured button.  Be sure to like our Facebook pages, since we also post many other favorites there too. If you got featured on Facebook, then feel free to grab a featured button also. 

Now about the party...

You link up on my blog and your link shows up on four blogs. 
 More exposure, less time. 
We are looking for the latest and greatest projects, tutorials, ideas, crafts, recipes, decor, and inspiring stories.  Anything that you are proud to show off.
Cowgirl Up! is the link party that saves you time and brings you inspiration.  Doesn't get any easier than that!
What blogs will your link appear on?  Check us out below!
Linsey with The Farmhouse Porch
Anita with Cedar Hill Ranch
Samantha with Crafty Texas Girls
The four of us are all Texas bloggers, but you don't have to be Texas, country, western, or own horses to participate in Cowgirl Up!  You just need that "can-do", cowgirl spirit!
Cowgirl Up! Link Party Guidelines:
(Please read the guidelines before participating)
*  When you link with Cowgirl Up!, your link will automatically show on four different blogs.  Awesome!
*  Please follow your host blog before linking up on GFC (and if you have a linkyfollow account, then please follow that way too.)
*  You may link up decor, DIY, crafts, guest post, recipes, giveaways, sewing, inspiring stories, and anything that you feel related to the listed categories.
*  You may link as many links as you want.
Be sure to include the Cowgirl Up! Button or text link to Cowgirl Up in your linked post.  
*  Be courteous and visit the two links before yours.  Please LIKE your favorite links!  Several projects will be featured each week!
* By linking up you are agreeing that we may use your photos to feature your project in a blog post, on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter with a link back to your blog of course.  


Carlene @ Organized Clutter said...

Linking up with a blogger's rite of passage! I should maybe have a pillow too! Thanks for hosting!

Cottage and Broome said...

Love that cowgirl collage!!! I really want those boots featured. Thanks for hosting again this week, Laura

Kelly said...

Just popped over from The Ivy Cottage. Thanks for co-hosting! Glad to have found your sweet blog, following via GFC.

Kelly @ herringbone lane

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

Thanks for hosting a lovely party :)
Greetings from Australia♥

melissa @ said...

I am your newest follower. Just found your blog and look forward to looking around!

Pamela said...

Thanx for hosting and hope your trip went well!:)

Angie said...

Thank you so much for featuring my Cowgirl Inspiration!! I've had a ton of visitors today!! Thank you once again for hosting~Angie

Unknown said...

Thank you for hosting, what I great idea 4 for the price of 1! I'm new, and I'm now a follower! Your blog looks wonderful!

summersoul said...

that dresser redo is awesome!!!! Just linked up :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for hosting. I linked my repurposed kitchen island.

Following you on FB. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for hosting. I linked my repurposed kitchen island.

Following you on FB. :)

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