Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kitchen before and After (at our old house)

I was going through the picture file folders on my computer when I came across my kitchen before and afters. I thought I would share these because

1. Who doesn't love before and after pictures??!!

2. This was a budget redo, maybe 1000 dollars (that is including a couple of new appliances). We have a spanking new kitchen right now...but our old house (pictured above) had been built in 1989 and had never been updated. Brass hardware and oak galore throughout the house. I know there are lots of families who have a small budget for renovating. Maybe this will give them some ideas.

Here is the old kitchen...

And here it is after...

Things we did:
1.New appliances (microwave,stovetop,oven)

2.Painted the walls and the cabinets

3. I had about 30 cabinet handles in this old kitchen. I could not afford all new ones so I took them all off, laid them all out on a big sheet of cardboard and painted them with several coats of black spraypaint. Worked great (saw it on HGTV)!

4. Added under cabinet lighting...I also have this in the new house. I'm addicted!

5. Hung my old potrack light fixture in place of the horrible dated brass one.

6.Replaced the dated sink and faucet with a cream colored sink and antiqued bronze faucet. We also slowly changed out all of the hardware in the house to this as our budget would allow.

I wanted new countertops and wood floors. That would have looked great. But on a strict budget I think I made the most of what I had at my disposal.

So there it is! If you only have a tiny budget you can still redo the kitchen with lots of paint,bargain shopping, and doing lots of the labor yourself.♥

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Jessi @ Life: The Epic Journey said...

Thanks for the posting the pictures! I may be doing this I'm gathering ideas!

Kelly said...

I really love how you updated it. Isn't paint just the ultimate makeover tool?! It costs the least but makes the biggest difference. It looks timeless now.

Stina said...

It's very nice in your kitchen.:-) Stina

Becca Bertotti said...

You've done a wonderful makeover to your kitchen! Love the white cabinets and wall color! Great table, love the chandelier with the hanging pots, too! *Becca* (new follower by way of BNOTP)

Elaine said...

Very inspiring! I would be happy if my kitchen was updated TO the 80s! Oh well, one decade at a time. Love the results of what you did. Doesn't even look like the same room! Thanks for sharing! :)

Randy Robinson said...

White paint... wise decision! The texture of that old oak is already heavy in itself without having to deal with the all brass. That old kitchen of yours may only help choke up creativity! Good thing you made the change!

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