Tuesday, October 25, 2011

DIY Easy (budget) gift for a wine/coffee lover!

My poor neighbor. We hang out on our cul-de-sac almost every weekend. We pull out the lawn chairs, smother ourselves in Off, laugh and talk and drink a little wine all while watching the kids race around the circle on bikes. In fact our whole street does this together. It's very cool to have friends for neighbors.

Oh, so anyways back to my poor neighbor. A couple of months ago I knocked over her wine glass and it shattered. Well, recently she brought me a cup of wine spritzer to try in a plastic "Seattle" cup with an insert. She mentioned how special the cup was to her. To sum it up the cup ended up in my dishwasher and came out in bad shape. Sooo...I got her two new wine glasses. But I wanted to spruce them up a bit. I didn't have the spaecial glass paint (I had wanted to paint them), and appearantly you have to bake those in the oven afterwards.

Instead I put big unscented votives in them and filled them with coffee. Oh, and I added a little coffee colored bow. The warm candles will scent the air with a nice cozy coffee aroma. I will wrap them nicely, present them to her with my head held low in shame and hope she'll forgive me! haha



Unknown said...

Wow that sounds so awesome! A weekly block-party wine-drinking fun time?! I wish we did something like that in my neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

The weekly block parties are fun! Sorry I missed out this past weekend. And I'll be bringing by a cup of mine for you to ruin on Friday. :) Wish it had been my "Seattle" cup!


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