Friday, October 28, 2011

Americana Chic

I'm starting a new style. Don't you dare tell me that someone else has coined the phrase. Americana Chic! I decided that's what my entryway looks like now, and actually, what much of my "Farmhouse Porch" stuff could be called.

This morning I got to meet the gorgeous and very sweet Anita from:

Cedar Hill Ranch

She bought two (Americana Chic) paintings from me and was one of the kindest, nicest ladies I've ever met. I hope she'll post pics of them in their new home!!!

Anyways, after selling my big (Americana Chic) hay field painting I had a bare spot in the entry, which of course had to be filled faster than the throne when a monarch dies. I've had this old (Americana Chic)US map for awhile. Never knew what to do with it but I think she looks great here (Americana Chic)!

I also happned to recieve these two (Americana Chic) chairs from my shop owner for $5 each. She wants me to shabby them up and resell but...I'm really digging them for myself.(Just kidding Ari...)

Do ya'll know anything about these chairs? I'd love to know the history.

And remember...


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Unknown said...

Okay ! The phrase is ringing in my head (Americana Chic )! I like it !

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

Cute post. I think the Americana Chic thing looks good on your house! I love the map and the wheat. What a great looking entry.

Visiting from Funky Junk's party. Have a great weekend.


SLR said...

Loving it- Americana Chic!
Your entryway looks great with that vintage map, I just love it!!

Ann @ makethebestofthings said...

I like your Americana Chic decor! It's classic and simple but has lots of details. Who knows, maybe Americana Chic could be the next big style thing?

Linsey said...

Ann! I went to your blog...but I couldn't comment with your settings the way they are. Anyways, I adore your pillows you posted and love the name of your blog!


Kelly said...

I think your phrase is safe. I haven't heard of that before but I really love it! I like how you added wheat stalks (it looks like) to the wire basket on your table in the foyer and I also like the map above it.

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