Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Grand Jack's Bookshelf- A Makeover

Grand Jack was my Mom's Dad. I don't have many items that belonged to my grandparents, but for years I have had this simple bookcase that Grandjack  built. It was in my grandmother's garage for as long as I can remember, holding cans of paint and jars of screws and nails. It's a simple piece, but special to me.

 Here is the after photo...

Let's see how many of you can spot the dryer sheet. Junebug drags them everywhere! :)

 Here was the before (and I had already started priming the sides at this point).

It was chippy. And shabby. But not in a good way.

I coated the interior with a very pale greyish color (the result of mixing 3 similar wall color samples into a bucket). I painted the outside with a mixture of two almost empty cans of white chalk paint.

It's hard to photograph this spot because it's in a bit of a narrow pass through area. Here it is from the living room.

This crusty wire frame is so unique. I think it needs an old photo of Grand Jack, don't you? For now all I had was this antique gentleman stranger.

 And I will sign off with these amazing clouds. Aren't they miraculous? I feel close to God when I am under a sky like this. 

 The beauty of this world takes my breath away sometimes. And reminds me that no matter what pretty little projects I do in my home, it will never compare one bit to the beauty up there.

Have a wonderful evening!

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