Monday, October 31, 2011

My Mental Ideabook

Something great about getting older is knowing who you are and what you like. I love that I have a nightly routine. I get the kids bathed and bedded, clean up the kitchen, make lunches and check homework folders. And when I can't stand to "stand" for another minute I unwind in my own unique way. I make a nice cup of herbal vanilla chai tea (with a little milk and splenda) and I watch a couple of Golden Girls reruns.

Well, Actually I watch the Golden Girls after I come check my blog. I check my comments and email. I check my facebook. But the icing on the cake is google images. I love just typing in a phrase like "historic farmhouses Texas" and seeing the great inspiration pop up. It gets my creative juices flowing and ,in a strange way my husband will never understand, helps me unwind.'s some images to get your juices flowing. Grab some tea and tell me this isn't heaven!

Country Living

Country Living

Decor Naturel


Country Living

Country Living

Country Living


Decor Naturel

Country Living

Sweet dreams...


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Sprucin' up the Booth

First of all...look at this little thrift store table I painted yesterday. Already sold it to my neighbor who saw me outside painting it. I ♥ cool neighbors.

Oh, and I painted that little floral thingy ($5 at Walmart) too!

So anyways,this morning I gathered my projects, pine cones and tree limbs,and headed down to my booth in Old Town Spring to do some fluffing and sprucing. New items in the shop include the Miss Mustard Seed ball ornaments filled with antique book pages, burlap sacks (perfect for wine bottles, gift bags or little wall arrangment hangings),new wreaths, and some other odds and ends.

So if you happen to be in the Houston area, please stop in and say howdy. I love having fellow bloggers visit me. Mention that you saw my blog and get 20% off!

Frou Frou Galore Boutique
26420 Preston Ave,Spring,TX 77373

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

No-sew 10 minute burlap bag tutorial


You will need 4 ingredients for this recipe:

Fusing Web

* I am not responsible for any damage this may cause to your home, nails, or material. I am NOT a professional, i'm a rusher. This tutorial is for fellow rushers who are not anal about measurements or propor form. I will likely offend several "sewers" and professional crafters with my lack of knowledge of the correct jargon. : )

First, cut out matching rectangles or burlap in your desired size.

Next cut and lay fusing web (comes in rolls like ribbon and when hot, melts and "fuses" fabric together) along 3 of the edges.

Next, lay the other "rectangle" of burlap over that, like a sandwitch where the burlap is the bread and the fusing web is the meat. Iron the ever living heck outta the seams. It takes waaaaay longer than the "10 seconds" it says on the package of fusing web.

Turn the bag inside out and roll down the top.

I'm going to embellish these tomorrow. So many ideas for these!

Here are some I've prepared for the shop.


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Friday, October 28, 2011

Americana Chic

I'm starting a new style. Don't you dare tell me that someone else has coined the phrase. Americana Chic! I decided that's what my entryway looks like now, and actually, what much of my "Farmhouse Porch" stuff could be called.

This morning I got to meet the gorgeous and very sweet Anita from:

Cedar Hill Ranch

She bought two (Americana Chic) paintings from me and was one of the kindest, nicest ladies I've ever met. I hope she'll post pics of them in their new home!!!

Anyways, after selling my big (Americana Chic) hay field painting I had a bare spot in the entry, which of course had to be filled faster than the throne when a monarch dies. I've had this old (Americana Chic)US map for awhile. Never knew what to do with it but I think she looks great here (Americana Chic)!

I also happned to recieve these two (Americana Chic) chairs from my shop owner for $5 each. She wants me to shabby them up and resell but...I'm really digging them for myself.(Just kidding Ari...)

Do ya'll know anything about these chairs? I'd love to know the history.

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