About Me

Howdy! Do you love farmhouse style? Then you've come to the right place! I started the Farmhouse Porch blog to find  people like YOU,who love what I love. I am a part time art teacher and studio artist. I have 2 children, a hard working husband, and a sweet new yellow labrador retriever named Junebug. I have lived in Japan, Connecticut, Washington State, South Carolina, Annapolis, and Texas, where I now reside.

Visit my etsy shop to buy vintage farm-y items or stop by Tuesdays for "The Scoop" link party, a time to see and be seen by hundreds of other bloggers. 


Unknown said...

I LOVE your blog! I think we are meant to be blogging buddies! I'm a new follower for you, and new to the blogging world. Hope you can stop by and say hello www.wonderfulathome.blogspot.com

Glad to meet you and your amazing blog!

Kelly's Thoughts said...

I so enjoy your blog! I am excited to have ran across it. Awesome, sweet, home made country. Thanks for sharing it.

windowongeorge said...

I have a similar collection of white milk jugs, baskets, sash windows, etc and it seems we are kindred spirits! Thanks for your inspiring blog.


Meredith @ The Laundry Can Wait said...

So glad to have connected with you. Your style is so warm and comforting, and beautiful. Oh, and you look pretty in bright lipstick. Thought I would throw that in, too.

Hugs from Oklahoma City,

Olivia said...

I first found you on pinterest and then I had noticed you had a blog. I love your ideas and find you very inspiring.
Thank You.

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