Thursday, January 31, 2013

Come see where I play...

Once every few days I carve out a few hours for myself, to sit down at my big long farm table in the dining room and make a mess of my own. 

A beautiful mess.

Lace-y remnants, old sheet music and vintage tickets are so fun to play with. Do you see the little tea stained wired paper roses? They were hand made by a gal on Etsy. Aren't they darling? The dangerous part of having an Etsy shop is that it's like working at your favorite store. You end up spending lots of your "paycheck" there!

I love supporting small businesses and crafty artists though! I've been burnt out on the mass produced, mall shopping experience more and more the older I get. My first buying experience on Etsy was so special. When I recieved my little handmade item it was packaged so beautifully, with dainty vintage ribbons and embellishments. It even came with a little "thank you" and a tiny gift. At that moment I was hooked! 

I also knew that I wanted to give my buyers that same feeling. So I include a goody bag with every purchase from my shop and let me tell ya, it's my favorite part of the experience! I just love creating these little presents. I always hope that the recipients open them and feel like I am giving them a sincere smile and a "thank you".

Here are some fresh bags in my new Etsy vintage cheese box. It's the perfect organizer!

More goody bag doo-dads and what-nots...

You'll even find a kid made art project or two. Up high. Away from 4 year old sister's hands. 

And there may or may not be a stash of Mommy's favorite mini York peppermint patties in one of the tureens. For emergency crafting energy, of course.

And just in front of the dining room is this little side table. I just had to show you my new alarm clock! I purchased it while I was out with the my bloggy girls the other day in Old Town Spring.

Well...there it is. My happy place. When you just can't get a hold of me but you know I'm home, this is probably where I am. :)


Monday, January 28, 2013

Howdy Partner! Welcome to Week 51 of The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!

Howdy Partner!
Welcome to Week 51
The Cowgirl Up!
Link Party!

1 Party, 5 Blogs Our guest host this week is
Kirsten from I Still Hate Pickles!

Hey! I'm Kirsten, but you can call me Kiki. Pretty much everyone does. I'm stoked to be guest hosting Cowgirl Up! Every week I find major inspiration from the links and posts. You guys are all amazingly talented.

I have lived in Houston for ten years and just bought my first pair of cowboy boots. I'll confess that I'm a little scared to wear them.

My blog, I Still Hate Pickles, is a little eclectic. On any given day you might catch me talking about parenting, writing, faith, DIY, and my kitchen adventures (which sometimes involve small kitchen fires). I like to keep things interesting.

Despite the fires, I really like to cook. I am a much better cook than baker because I like to be spontaneous and fudge recipes. Recently I started baking my own bread. Even if I find the recipe from someone else, I'm always finding ways to dress it up and make it my own. Nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread in the home! Even better when it's easy.

I have a few special things I bake only once or twice a year because they are so rich (and I might get tempted to eat the whole thing). You will never make another cake again after trying this Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake. This used to be a fall specialty, but my friends and family now ask for it as their birthday cakes. These Special Occasion Cinnamon Rolls might put you into a coma.
If you need to cleanse your palate with something healthy, I've been experimenting with local organic produce with delicious results. Like garlic and feta focaccia topped with arugula. Killer.

If you want to step out of the kitchen, I love making projects. I used to have a small business painting children's furniture and murals, so I love getting creative. I am also really messy, but I feel like that is part of the fun. (Except when it comes time to clean up.) Here is a coffee filter wreath I made for a friend's baby shower. Check out this ugly thrift store before and the adorable after.

To awwwww!

Every now and then I do tiny paintings, like this pair of cows that I dorkily gave as a gift to John and Sherry from Young House Love at their book signing. (Did I mention I'm a dork?)

For Christmas this year, I gave my mom some Texas-themed hand-painted cards, which were super fun.

If you're wanting something a little off-the-beaten path, you may want to check my Out-of-the-Box Mother's Day ideas or my thoughts on what life would be like if Pinterest projects became reality. I'm also doing a series on self-publishing through Amazon Kindle, if that's something you might consider doing in the future. I've got my MFA in Fiction but recently self-published an advent book and another book about our callings.

So glad to be here and be inspired by all the creativity! Hope you'll stop by and enjoy my blog in all its randomness. I love following blogs via Twitter as well, so if you are active there, come and find me so I can follow you back and keep up with your great ideas.

***** Want to be a Guest Host here on Cowgirl Up? Just leave a comment with your name and blog address below! If you are selected, you will be introduced in the Cowgirl Up post for that week, and we'll include a link to your blog. We’ll send you the code for the party ahead of time. Lots of fantastic exposure for you, and the post is written for you! *****
Click below to continue to the party!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Yeee-Haw! Welcome to Week 50 of The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!

Welcome to Week 50
The Cowgirl Up! 
Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs  Our guest host this week is  
Yvonne of Stone Gable !

Hello everyone...or should I say HOWDY Y'ALL! I'm puttin' on my cowboy boots and doing the two-step, happy dance of joy to be an honorary host at COWGIRL UP this week! 

Thanks so much Linsey, Anita, Amanda and Samantha... the ultimate, upscale cowgirls!

I'm Yvonne... a northern girl with a big southern heart! So I feel right at home with the Texas gals!

My blog is StoneGable.

StoneGable is the name of our home... yes, we name our homes!

StoneGable, the blog, was started as a way to connect, teach, and inspire my sweet daughter who had recently married and moved to a different state.  She would call and  ask, "Mommy, how do you do this... or what was in that recipe... or how shall I decorate so-and-so?" It was my idea to give her... and my future generation... a visual journal of all things home... all things StoneGable... and a big dose of love along with it!

After three years of blogging, StoneGable's goals have expanded to include my wonderful readers too! I want to create a place that inspires others to live beautifully and creatively, embracing life and learning to fill their homes with love and joy! When you come to StoneGable, I hope you feel like you are visiting a good  friend!

StoneGable is all about inspiring creative living...

If you come by for a visit on Sunday evening or Monday, you will find my weekly menu and ON THE MENU MONDAY, a weekly linky party for all foodies... and anyone who need some tasty inspiration! Come on over and join the culinary fun!

I am a big DYI'er! If you drop by StoneGable on Wednesday evening or Thursday, you can be inspired by great TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS! TTT is my second linky party!  I always say, "Show up and show off your creativity... any tidbit will do!"

Besides cooking and DYI projects, I have a passion for setting tables... 

decorating ...

and much more.  Stop by front door is always open to friends... old and new!

Thanks again COWGIRLS!

Now let'start partying!!!

***** Want to be a Guest Host here on Cowgirl Up? Just leave a comment with your name and blog address below! If you are selected, you will be introduced in the Cowgirl Up post for that week, and we'll include a link to your blog. We’ll send you the code for the party ahead of time. Lots of fantastic exposure for you, and the post is written for you! ***** 


Howdy ya'll! It's Linsey from The Farmhouse Porch.

Here is a small sampling of the inspiring projects that caught my eye at last week's party!

An elegant refinished grey sideboard by Southern Abbey

I was spellbound by this gorgeous kitchen makeover at 2 Vintage Sisters

This German Pancake recipe sounds fun! By Rae Gun Ramblings

At Simplicity in the South you will find a detailed and wonderfully organized DIY for creating Wisteria inspired chalkboard placecards...

Farmhouse 5540  shares her pretty side table and vignettes here...

Now about this week's party... You link up on my blog and your link shows up on FIVE blogs.
More exposure, less time. We are looking for the latest and greatest projects, tutorials, ideas, crafts, recipes, decor, and inspiring stories. Anything that you are proud to show off.
Cowgirl Up! is the link party that saves you time and brings you inspiration.
What blogs will your link appear on? Check us out below!
Linsey with The Farmhouse Porch
Anita with Cedar Hill Ranch
Amanda with The Ivy Cottage Blog
Samantha with Crafty Texas Girls 

*PLUS our Special GUEST HOST:  Yvonne of Stone Gable Blog

The four of us are all Texas bloggers, but you don't have to be Texas, country, western, or own horses to participate in Cowgirl Up! You just need that "can-do", cowgirl spirit!

Cowgirl Up! Link Party Guidelines
(Please read the guidelines before participating)
* When you link with Cowgirl Up!, your link will automatically show on four different blogs.
* Please follow your host blog before linking up on GFC (and if you have a linkyfollow account, then please follow that way too.)
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* You may link as many links as you want.
Be sure to include the Cowgirl Up! Button or text link to Cowgirl Up in your linked post, (mine can be found on my sidebar.) Mandatory to be featured!!
* Be courteous and visit the two links before yours. Several projects will be featured each week!
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*If you pin a project shown here, please, please pin from the original source.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Let's party! Welcome to Week 49 of The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!

Let's party!  
Welcome to Week 49
The Cowgirl Up! 
Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs  Our guest host this week is  
Angie from Swede-Dreams !
Hello Cowgirl Up readers! I'm so excited to be sharing in the party today with the girls as your "honorary cowgirl"! I am a southerner and a huge fan of cowboy boots and country music, so I feel right at home here with you all. My name is Angie and I'm the author of Swede and style inspirations from a Swedish southern gal.

 The story of my blog began a little over a year ago when I was looking for another outlet to bring more recognition to my Etsy shop, Swede 13 Inspirations. It began as a way to showcase my love of all things vintage, my paintings and my photography.

 Keep reading to see the "Cowgirl Up Link party"

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paired Down Entry Way and a Cheap DIY

Lots of you have shared your mantles, tabletops and living room decor as it looks "post Christmas". You've expressed how it feels good to simplify and clear out these spaces, taking them down to the bare bones, for a fresh un-fussy look. I am right there with you. As soon as New Year's passes i'm ready for the spaces, once dripping with glitter and lights, to revert to blank canvases that reflect the start of a new- year ready to be filled with new memories!

More than any other spot in my house, the entry table was where the concentration of Christmas bling was. I took it back to my favorite basics. My old windows of course. A few books. For January I thought mercury glass would be fitting. I did a simple green arrangement in a mg vase. And the next thing I did is my simple diy project I'd like to share with you.

The first part of this project is something you must buy, but it is an investment! I am so SO addicted to my new rechargeable FLICKERING  flame-less candles. 

Mine are similar to this

Flameless Flicker Rechargeable LED Tealight Votive Candles set of 4

 I bought 2 boxes of them at Tuesday Morning for, I think $14.99 a box (for a box of 4). They say they last for at least 15 hours, but mine last almost 20! I turn them on in the morning, let them go all day and night, and the next morning they are dimly flickering still! The best part is that they recharge on a strip that you just set them on. It's easier than striking a match. I use them everywhere and all the time. I knew I'd love them but I didn't know I'd LOVE them. 

The great thing about flame-less is that they can go where ordinary candles cannot. For these I simply rolled old sheet music into tubes to make candle pillars. The little candles are just sitting inside, flickering beautifully. They look like old sheet music real candles! And no batteries to buy and dink with-BONUS!

These are great if you have small kids. They are also great if you are forgetful like me. I was always too nervous to put real candles on the shelves of my old wood hutch. These are perfect for that.

Have a great weekend!


Monday, January 7, 2013

Let's party! Welcome to Week 48 of The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!

Let's party! Welcome to Week 48
The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!
1 Party, 5 Blogs  Our guest host this week is KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms!
Yes, I suspect you've heard of her. She won the Country Living Blue Ribbon Blogger Award last year. 

Her entire home looks like it belongs in a magazine!!  Her blog is amazing, and I highly recommend you go check her blog out for yourself.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Bringing home the loot...

No words, just pics from my latest treasure hunt! Off to Girl Scouts...

Have a great weekend!


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