Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Floofing a Nook

"Floofing" is a word right? It's like a combo of "poofing" and "fluffing".

I "floofed" my little table in the corner of my dinette area this morning.

 It's just been sitting there with a few boring knick knacks on it. I was scrolling through your updates on facebook, sipping my coffee and staring at this corner of the kitchenette and I got one of those moments that rarely happens... when you get an idea and you have a little free time on your hands to make it happen.

 Note to self: Make sure your lamp is straight when taking photos of it!

Now I know...you want to see a whole room shot! I'm in the middle of a makeover for this space so I promise, a whole room reveal is coming.

That's all ya'll! 
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