Monday, July 29, 2013

The Scoop Link Party-Decor and so much more!

Welcome back To the weekly linky party that features the scoop on the best posts from around the web!

The Scoop

More exposure + less time = win win!  

    We are 
Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch,
Linsey from Farmhouse Porch,
Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict
and introducing
Anne of White Lace Cottage.

Hello once again!! And welcome to another Scoop Link Party! And if you are new to my blog The Farmhouse Porch... welcome to YOU too! Today we will actually visit a porch. But not just any porch. It is a porch I hold very near and dear to my heart . My parents' porch!! Many happy memories have happened here. I thought you might like to see it. 

My mom took an old boring chandelier and added all kinds of cool stuff to it. Every time I go to visit she has some artsy new project to show me and we constantly bounce creative ideas off of each other. The acorn does not fall far from the tree. 

If you turn around on the porch and peek inside you can catch a glimpse of the living room.

Only 91 degrees...this is downright chilly for a Fort Worth summer day!

Another view down the length of the porch. My daughters were rocked in that porch swing many many hours during the baby years...

And if you turn to the right there is a seating area made out of custom wood benches that can all be moved together to form an outdoor bed. It was all sorts of crazy when I took this picture. Kids in swimsuits, dogs wanting to play frisbee, and mom scooting around me while I tried to snap pics as she cleaned up after us! Sure, we could have spruced it up and set the table and "staged" it (for about 3 seconds until the herd of ankle biters came tearing through), but I wanted you to see it as we live. Mop handle and all. :D

I hope you enjoyed this very short little porch tour!
Now let's get this Scoop Party started baby!

Here are just a sampling of the features that sparkled at last week's party! 

I pinned the heck outta this one. If you have a borderline obsession (like me) for adorable guest cottages you need to visit this one, by Fairhope Supply Co.

Lovin' this shabby beachy cabinet-scape by Walnut and Vine!

 Oh man, I've always wanted an old enamel bread bin! This blue one is pretty is lovely. Shared by Sweet Pernilla of Swedish Corner Down Under

I have to admit that I am GREEN with ENVY for this old truck. Keep the rolls, I'll roll in this! Linda of White Weathered lucky thing you! :D

I liked how paint and a few easy changes transformed this kitchen area into a clean updated space by At The Farmhouse

Thank you Cynthia Weber for the Triangle design concept explanation!!! I found this very interesting, and as others commented, found myself looking at my home vignettes for triangles. Fun!
how to use triangles in displays


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Unknown said...

Thanks so much ladies for another wonderful party!!!
Beautiful features - off to visit that guest house :)
Hope you're all having a great week

Anita Diaz said...

Thanks ladies for hosting again:-) Love that blue bread tin!!

Joy@aVintageGreen said...

Your mom's porch is a dream porch. Loved seeing your photos. Thanks for hosting.

Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

What wonderful memories you have and are still making on your mom's porch! We found out our home used to have a front porch too. It's on the north side which would be perfect shade on hot summer days. Someday we want to add one back onto this old farmhouse.

Thanks for the party. Love the features!


Unknown said...

Thanks so much girls for letting me link up to your party tonight!! Great post by the way!! I LOVE your Momma's porch!!My name is Jessica Riddle and it's nice to meet you!! I am new here and My blog is new also!! It's called Unique Chic And Rustics: My Upcycled And Repurposed Life, and tonight I linked up my newest post called "Old Window Turned Antiqued Mirror/Memo Board", and I am #82 on your list!! I sure hope you all will come by and visit my new blog at I would absolutely LOVE and appreciate it if you would!!! Thanks so much ladies and I HOPE to hear from you soon!! I LOVE ALL of your blogs!! Have a wonderful evening!!
Your Friend --- Jessica Riddle(Jess) :)

Unknown said...

Hi girls, it's Jessica Riddle again!! Lol!! I just wanted to let you know that I copied your "Tuesdays the Scoop" party blog button, and when I pasted it on my blog, it was NOT the same picture as the the one I was coping!! It was the "Tuesdays Cowgirl" button!! However, I tried it one more time, making sure To get the "Tuesdays Scoop" button, but got the cowgirl one again!! So, the cowgirl button is the one I have and left on my post that's linked to you!! If you could email me when you guys get it fixed and let me know, because I would really like your new pretty button, I would really appreciate it!! Thanks girls, and my email is!! -- Jess

Unknown said...

Hi Linsey, thanks for hosting, sharing my Dining Room and Making Hay!

Jeanette@Creating a Life Studio said...

I enjoyed seeing your mom's porch, Linsey! Thanks so much for hosting.

Creating a Life

SwedishCorner ~ DownUnder...Pernilla said...

OMGoodness, what an awesome surprise :D Wow, thank you so much for the feature!! Great porch tour, Linsey :) Thank you all for hosting each week. Greetings from Australia♥ ~Pernilla

must love junk said...

What sweet memories of your parents porch, Linsey! Thanks for hosting :)

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous porch! Thank you for sharing beautiful photos and those precious memories too :) Thank you for the party!

xo, Tanya

Kadee Willow said...

Bless your heart for opening the doors to newbies wanting to "party on" with all of you! Of course,I will become a new follower.. so glad I found your blog. Now on to get my party dress on and have a good ol' time with y'all! Thanks!

Ashley Tremaine said...

I just found your blog yesterday...and I have been reading post after post after post!! And pinning away! Love your style...but REALLY love that this house is in Fort Worth...that's where I live!! You did a previous post on David Finfrock, the weatherman! He is fabulous! I'm so thrilled to have found your blog! I just love it. I am turning my house into a farmhouse style...slowly but surely. Just wanted to drop you a note (even though you wrote this particular post over a year ago!! Haha)!!

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