Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Come on vacation with me...

I'm on vacation...

and to me, vacation means doing what you like doing most.

So today, with my 4 year old sweetie pie in tow, I hit up a few thrift shops. I even splurged ($15) on this gorgeous old tray at my sweet friend Ellen's antique shop. 

These pale blush pink embroidered napkins whisper spring, don't they? The old wire colander is great for industrial display. Can't pass up a wire basket. No sir! 

This kitsch little vintage bunny whispered to me also, with her "come hither" bedroom eyes. 

These Independence ironstone plates were pennies. One of them is pretty beat up. Call me crazy, but I love the cracks, crazing and tea stains.

 Old metal embroidery hoops combine the softness of sewing with the industrial-ness of timeworn metal. I love the combined textures.

Oh hello there! Did the bunny whisper to you too Haddy Liz?

 Also for pennies was this pressed glass (butter dish?) and some old crafting stamen. It's even prettier in person!

A coiled metal letter holder is always fun to play with.

And there you have it! Our loot for the day. And what a beautiful, sunny spring-like day it was. ☼

Happy hunting-


Monday, March 4, 2013

Welcome the week 56 of "The Scoop" Link Party!!!

Big, big announcement today!! Amanda has retired from blogging (insert sad face here.)  But we have completely revamped this rockin' party (insert happy face here).  We decided to roll out a free new look for Cowgirl Up, and in the end decided to change the name of the party. I want to introduce you to our new, revamped party 
T H E     S C O O P !

What do you think? It's more modern, clean and fresh.  Here's our new banner.  It's the same party, but with a new look and a new host.
As you can see we have added a new face, well technically 2 to our team.   We are...

Kelli and Kristi LollyJane
Kristi and Kelli are twin sisters who live in Arizona. Kristi is the older of the twins by 5 minutes. She recently moved to Northern AZ, 3 hours away from Kelli in Gilbert. Kristi pays attention to detail and can accessorize a room with few things on hand. 
Kelli is a stay-at-home mom to her 4 kids. Her favorite tools are the miter saw, brad nailer, drill and level. She loves to build furniture and paint! Her number one advice to DIY’ers is that paint is the easiest and most affordable change you can make to a room. Kelli can paint an entire room in less than a day, if armed with Diet Coke and Pandora. She is a painting rockstar! Kell’s motto: If you hate it, repaint it!
I hope you get a chance to check out their blog LollyJane.   Now, it's time to meet our guest host, then I'll be back to bring you the features. Now I'm turning the party over to our guest host this week, Laura from Top This, Top That!!! ===============================================
I am so excited to be guest hosting with the girls today, but honestly it got me thinking
Hmmmm.... What's the real reason I am here?
I wonder if the girls heard that I lived in Texas for several years and that's why they wanted me to be a guest host?
Or could it be that I loved going to the Houston Livestock Rodeo and couldn't wait to put my boots and hat on for the greatest show around? 
Or maybe its my love of all things George Strait since I was born ?
But I am thinking the real reason might be that I live in the middle of the country (just not in Texas), on a dirt road surrounded by ponies, donkeys, cows, dogs, cats, fish and enough wildlife that they start to become friendly and read your blog everyday!  In fact the coyotes are probably reading about my breakfast room right now here
And the white tail deer are reading about my home office here
But whatever the reason, I am thrilled to be with you today and hope you will visit me at Top This Top That where I can show you around- Georgia Peach style!  Many thanks to AmandaAnitaLinsey and Samantha for letting me hangout today.
=============================================== It's Anita from Cedar Hill Ranch, I'm back now. Thanks so much Laura for guest hosting for us this week!!!  I'm also so excited about the addition of Kristi and Kelli to our party.  

Here are the features from last week's party MarketNine Home - Keep your Home New and Fresh by Rotating Accessories with the changing seasons
Denise on  a Whim - Card Catalog Entry Table
Linda Bergman - TROMPE L'OEIL Garage Doors
Creative Passage - Drop Cloth Lamp Shade
House of Fab for Less - Grain Sack Pillows
White Weather Hutch - Easter Bags
Now about this week's party... You link up on my blog and your link shows up on 5 blogs.   
More exposure, less time.
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Please follow (GFC) and/or subscribe to your host blog.
* You may link up any type post.  (We reserve the right to remove any links we find offensive or spammy.)  
* You may link as many links as you want.
* Be sure to include THE SCOOP Button or text link to in your linked post, Mandatory to be featured!!
* By linking up you are agreeing that the photos are yours or that you have permission to use them,  that we may use those photos to feature your project in a blog post, on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter with a link back to your blog of course. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Joy of Collecting! Vol.I

retro housewife

I feel as though I obsess over collecting a new item everyday. Do you ever feel this way? Sometimes I act on it, but usually I don't. Good heavens I'd be broke if I did! I go through Cath Kidston phases where I want to do an entire room like THIS...

I sometimes get the jadeite bug and add a new piece to my little collection. Here are a few I used for a photo  shoot last year

Of course there's the "Ironstone Platter" days where I feel as though I should be buried knee deep in them for some reason!

There's also my ongoing affair with anything industrial, like wire baskets. Judging by the photo above, I'd say all baskets are fair game.

And all of this is just leading up to me telling you that I have a new love! 

Old wooden crates and boxes.

I recently bought 3 from an etsy shop...for $15 total! Which I thought was a steal. I can't usually find ONE for $15, much less 3. They are small, medium and large like the 3 bears. Why did it take opening my own etsy shop to discover etsy? ! Such a treasure trove of great deals and unique things. A collectors paradise!!

Anyways,the big box is a perfect holder for my hydrangeas. I previously had them in a round egg basket, but on this long shallow table I needed something long and shallow, since it is a busy walkway area. If you haven't yet you should try an arrangement in a long thin box like this. It's so stylish! I love the look.

The other 2, and an old cheese box I had, I put on the hutch to add some contrast to all of the white going on. It's so much fun to arrange and fill them. 

What collecting bug do you have lately?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend    >>>---♥>

Monday, February 25, 2013

Welcome to Week 55 of The Cowgirl Up! Link Party!

Welcome to Week 55
The Cowgirl Up!
Link Party!

1 Party, 5 Blogs 
Howdy Girls! Thanks so much to Amanda here at The Ivy Cottage Blog for inviting me to guest host! I'm Brandy, the gal behind the keyboard on the blog, Gluesticks!
Gluesticks is my outlet. It's where I share the things that keep us busy. I am a wife to an amazing member of the United States Coast Guard and a mother to 4 children.
My life is full of excitement. Moving across the country, school lunches, afternoons at the park, dance classes, teaching piano, family time, and always a little time for creativity.
I love being able to create with my children and our craft room is always a mess with crayons, stickers, glue in the carpet...yep, last week, and lots of other fun stuff.
This is how Gluesticks came about. I wanted to share some of our simple Craft and Recipes. Nothing fancy, no special ingredients or tools required. Just the desire to create. And I share it all with my readers!
And when I get a moment to myself, I enjoy making things for our home, or trying out a new recipe.
Recently I tried my hand at reupholstering an old chair. You can read about it here. I love trying new things and sharing what I have learned with my readers.
Thanks for letting me stop by and feel free to visit us over at Gluesticks. We'd love to have you!
***** Want to be a Guest Host here on Cowgirl Up? Just leave a comment with your name and blog address below! If you are selected, you will be introduced in the Cowgirl Up post for that week, and we'll include a link to your blog. We’ll send you the code for the party ahead of time. Lots of fantastic exposure for you, and the post is written for you! *****
Hi everyone!  This is Amanda with The Ivy Cottage Blog and I want to say GOODBYE!
I have decided to stop blogging and concentrate on my growing business and my busy family.  Don't be sad!  I am actually relieved and excited about the new opportunities and looking forward to following/enjoying blogs instead of writing.
Just because I am stopping blogging, doesn't mean you should stop coming by Cowgirl Up!  You can still stop by all of the other Cowgirls' blogs and they will be announcing the newest Cowgirl in a few weeks . . . so exciting!
With that said, here are the features for this week!
Frame, burlap wreath feb 201319
heart tagxedo
Now about this week's party... You link up on my blog and your link shows up on FIVE blogs. More exposure, less time. We are looking for the latest and greatest projects, tutorials, ideas, crafts, recipes, decor, and inspiring stories. Anything that you are proud to show off.
Cowgirl Up! is the link party that saves you time and brings you inspiration.
What blogs will your link appear on? Check us out below!
Linsey with The Farmhouse Porch
Anita with Cedar Hill Ranch
Samantha with Crafty Texas Girls

*PLUS our Special GUEST HOST:  Brandy with Gluesticks

The four of us are all Texas bloggers, but you don't have to be Texas, country, western, or own horses to participate in Cowgirl Up! You just need that "can-do", cowgirl spirit!

Cowgirl Up! Link Party Guidelines
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* You may link as many links as you want.
* Be sure to include the Cowgirl Up! Button or text link to Cowgirl Up in your linked post, (mine can be found on my sidebar.) Mandatory to be featured!!
* Be courteous and visit the two links before yours. Several projects will be featured each week!
* By linking up you are agreeing that the photos are yours or that you have permission to use them, that we may use those photos to feature your project in a blog post, on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter with a link back to your blog of course.
*If you pin a project shown here, please, please pin from the original source.

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