Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One man's junk... worth $80 on eBay! So you're probably wondering "What's the deal with a big roasting pan?" Well...I've had the bottom part of this vintage roasting tray for a long time bc it's made of alluminum and it is awesome. Lightweight and yet sturdy. Use it all the Ok, so today I pop into a shop and find the top part (at the time had no idea it was the mate to my tray at home) and scored it for a few bucks. I researched it when I got home and it turns out to be going for $60-80 on EBAY, and the things are like reeeaaally old. Not bad, and the good part is that I'll probably use the heck out of it...very industrial chic. hehe

I have a platter collecting problem. But it's all good...gonna fill a wall with these babies!

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Seo Customized Plans said...

So what's the next thing are you gonna buy?

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