Monday, January 16, 2012

Inside Fredericksburgs' Lavender Cottage...

When life gets hectic I tend to go on mental "memory-cations" and think about my times away from the daily grind. One of my favorite places in the world is the little town of Fredericksburg,TX. It's a laid back German settlement that has turned into what I would call the B&B capital of Texas. The antiquing is a main draw too!

I've gone a few times  for weekend getaways. Once with the hubs, and once with my Mom. Both fun in their own special ways. Obviously the trip with mom included lots more antiquing and cute cottagy-ness. I thought you guys might enjoy seeing the old farmhouse style cottage where we stayed. It was called the Lavender Cottage. I can't find it anymore online. I'm hoping it is only changing hands or getting an update, and not closed completely.

Mom and I

"Rather Sweet" Bakery. A MUST.

More "Rather Sweet Bakery" footage. Yeah, we went more than once in the short weekend we were there. Best 3 pounds I ever gained...

My favorite pitstop in Fredericksburg? Without a doubt a place called Homestead & Friends.
Wish I had pics to show you. Wish I had pics for myself...the inspiration is amazing! There will be a next time.

Gotta run...

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Today's FUNky finds...

The budget is tight these days. Luckily I can usually scrounge up a few dollars under the sofa cushions.If i'm lucky I can find some sweet little deals while out antiquing that don't break the bank. It takes time and lots of scouring, but if you have a color scheme in mind and a general idea of what your theme is, I think you can shop for your home on any budget.

Here's what todays' scavenging unearthed, in the depths of shelves burried in junk at the antique mall...

My favorite find was this little white porcelean hand. I can find a million uses for this unique curosity!

I think I had a little too much fun posing it! Haha

I also got a few more pieces of vintage looking flatware and a reeeally old little framed drawing matted in the most interesting shape.

That is all. Nothing big or dramatic today. Stay warm!

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Boogieboard Cottage

shabby creek cottage

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome to my nest...

I came across this huge jar today while shopping for something else. I couldn't resist. $12.99!

The entryway (is that one word or two?) needed some oomph. I thought this jar might be just the thing I needed to add some interest. I wanted something that people would notice right when they walked in, something that would draw them in to investigate.

So I just grabbed some things from around the house. That's a real birds nest in there, the magnifying glass is very old (hubby's great grandfather's I think). The post card is old and french, one of those things where the back is as pretty as the front...which side to display?!?). The little metal charms were given to me by students over the years.

Maybe this spring I'll fill it with dirt and put a little plant in there like a small terrerium. Or fill it with Easter eggs. Whatever the case, it's a keeper!



shabby creek cottage

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