Monday, October 24, 2011

Thrifty finds, Borrowed xmas ideas and a bug in my cereal

This post is going to be all over the place but I have 3 things to share this morning.

First of all I'm borrowing an easy and beautiful xmas decor idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Miss Mustard Seed

This one is working well with my budget!

Secondly you guys know I visit my fave thrift store every monday and always seem to find a few small things. Today it was a chippy old iron lamp for $2

and these 2 old monogrammed knives for .25 cents each!

Lastly, I have to share a funny. Today has been an "attack of the insects" day! First, my toddler got eaten alive and almost carried away by mosquitos this morning when we took my oldest to school. THEN, I brought in a mum that is near death and placed it in my kitchen sink to water it. When I sprayed it a giant grasshopper (like one of those meaty 4 inchers that are so fat they can barely jump) whizzed right past my face and plopped right onto the kitchen counter. THEN, after I had scooped that guy up and performed a catch and release, I opened my box of special K and almost had a heart attack.'s fake. And I know who did it. He is at work now, but there will be revenge later!!!

:D Linsey

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What movies inspire your decor?

Sometimes, I get ideas from movies. I may fall in love with the architecture of Meg Ryan's apartment in "You've Got mail" or go Gaga over a garden inspired bedroom such as the overgrown forgotten bedroom of the dead aunt in "The Secret Garden".

My best friend, knowing my love for French Shabby-ness, recommended I see the movie Marie Antoinette directed by Sophia Copolla, who I LOVE because she also did Lost in Translation, one of my all time fave movies with Bill Murray. My BFF knew me well because that movie was dripping with French shabby romantic inspiration, and I did fall in love with it!

Some pics...

I will admit that it isn't very "Farmhouse Porch". But I consider my daughters room be somewhat Marie Antoinette-ish.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Playing around with my retro camera app

I love the retro camera app on my phone. I'm still looking for my cords that I lost in the move for my nice sony camera, so until then I'm using my phone. Not a bad little camera on the android if you use it just right. Especially the fun retro camera app!
Here's some shots of Sunday morning around our house...

We'll end it with a shot of old Miss Shadow taking her morning ciesta in a patch of sun. Have a lazy Sunday!♥


One more random (for real)vintage pic, just for laughs...

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pictures of my booth today

Today was "Petfest" in Old Town Spring, the location of my booth. Not really an antiquing crowd but we had a steady stream of foot traffic. I snapped a few shots of my stuff while I was there.

Thanks for taking a look!♥

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Friday, October 21, 2011

My chalkboard/magnet trays. I ♥ them!!! Must I sell??? : (

I went to the dollar store today looking for something for a project (more on that project later, but it has something to do with those plastic insects you see pictured). The dollar store happens to be next to Goodwill so I decided to take a peek, not planning on buying anything really.

I found a stack of four vintage metal trays for $1 each...and lots of silver trays (which I only purchased one of...kicking myself for that because it turned out the best!)

Anyways...using the can of chalkboard paint, here is the VERY simple way to transform the trays.

I think on the red ones I will do something Christmas-y!

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