Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Grand Jack's Bookshelf- A Makeover

Grand Jack was my Mom's Dad. I don't have many items that belonged to my grandparents, but for years I have had this simple bookcase that Grandjack  built. It was in my grandmother's garage for as long as I can remember, holding cans of paint and jars of screws and nails. It's a simple piece, but special to me.

 Here is the after photo...

Let's see how many of you can spot the dryer sheet. Junebug drags them everywhere! :)

 Here was the before (and I had already started priming the sides at this point).

It was chippy. And shabby. But not in a good way.

I coated the interior with a very pale greyish color (the result of mixing 3 similar wall color samples into a bucket). I painted the outside with a mixture of two almost empty cans of white chalk paint.

It's hard to photograph this spot because it's in a bit of a narrow pass through area. Here it is from the living room.

This crusty wire frame is so unique. I think it needs an old photo of Grand Jack, don't you? For now all I had was this antique gentleman stranger.

 And I will sign off with these amazing clouds. Aren't they miraculous? I feel close to God when I am under a sky like this. 

 The beauty of this world takes my breath away sometimes. And reminds me that no matter what pretty little projects I do in my home, it will never compare one bit to the beauty up there.

Have a wonderful evening!



  1. It turned out great Lins! I have a bookshelf John's daddy made when he was a teen I believe. I need to redo it.

  2. looks so pretty! the transformation! Yes I agree just because something is chippy doesn't mean its a good shabby chic look.What a lovely frame too! Beautiful shot of the clouds!

  3. I saw the drier sheet. . . I had to really look for it (I think I found it anyway)

    love everything about the bookcase. Paint is a wonderful companion.

    Beautiful evening clouds. . . hope you're having a great summer. . . stay cool. . .

  4. You did a great job as well as decorated it so nice. I have two similar bookcases from my mother-in-law that I also painted white and I have no idea how to decorate them in our new home. You have just inspired me :) Thanks again. -Bev

  5. You did a great job with the bookcase..and I love it has such special meaning to you.

    Well done, ma'am!

  6. Silly Junebug :) It's so sweet to have a special piece from your grandparents. Especially hand made! It turned out really pretty.
    Gorgeous sky/ cloud pictures, too!


  7. What a lovely keepsake!!
    Timeless piece of furniture.

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  9. Hi Linsey,

    Oh what a wonderful keepsake to remember Grands by ... There is something in possessing more than memories but something you know was theirs.

    I Have my G~Grandmother's Quilt although it's in much disrepair it's a wonderful link to my family heritage .. and my grandfathers handmade wooden toys are something I shall treasure ..both made by their hands that is the treasure.

    I love how you gave the shelf some new life .it turned out just lovely ..!

    Wishing you a beautiful and blessed week

  10. Lovely and what a nice memory. Love the name for your Granps. Love the frame too. That sky is awesome. I can relate to that feeling too.

  11. Another lovely vignette, Linsey. I love that wire frame! Nice job on the desk revision, too. This sounds like how I work most of the time!

  12. You made the bookcase look lovely and it's so nice that it is a family piece. Love that wire frame! The clouds are amazingly beautiful. It really does make one feel close to God when you see His gorgeous creation!

  13. Loved this post, Linsey. I think GrandJack needs to sit in that wire frame asap. :)

  14. I love Grand Jack! These shelves just came out great! I like the look! Thanks for sharing! Leticia

  15. It turned out wonderfully, more than anything the link to your Grand makes it so special! Love it, and the wire frame is AMAZING!!!

  16. LOVE the clouds! And your bookcase looks awesome, too.

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