Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Joy of Collecting! Vol.I

retro housewife

I feel as though I obsess over collecting a new item everyday. Do you ever feel this way? Sometimes I act on it, but usually I don't. Good heavens I'd be broke if I did! I go through Cath Kidston phases where I want to do an entire room like THIS...

I sometimes get the jadeite bug and add a new piece to my little collection. Here are a few I used for a photo  shoot last year

Of course there's the "Ironstone Platter" days where I feel as though I should be buried knee deep in them for some reason!

There's also my ongoing affair with anything industrial, like wire baskets. Judging by the photo above, I'd say all baskets are fair game.

And all of this is just leading up to me telling you that I have a new love! 

Old wooden crates and boxes.

I recently bought 3 from an etsy shop...for $15 total! Which I thought was a steal. I can't usually find ONE for $15, much less 3. They are small, medium and large like the 3 bears. Why did it take opening my own etsy shop to discover etsy? ! Such a treasure trove of great deals and unique things. A collectors paradise!!

Anyways,the big box is a perfect holder for my hydrangeas. I previously had them in a round egg basket, but on this long shallow table I needed something long and shallow, since it is a busy walkway area. If you haven't yet you should try an arrangement in a long thin box like this. It's so stylish! I love the look.

The other 2, and an old cheese box I had, I put on the hutch to add some contrast to all of the white going on. It's so much fun to arrange and fill them. 

What collecting bug do you have lately?

Have a WONDERFUL weekend    >>>---♥>


  1. Love all your collections:) I have been on a vintage linen thing lately.

  2. Lovely photos and your new boxes are great pieces. Love all your ironstone too. My latest collecting is focused on ironstone and wood boxes too. I picked up a little crate for $10 and can't believe I spent that much. It 'spoke' to me.

  3. Your collections are beautiful! I see a lot of jadeite on I love it. Your hydrangeas look beautiful in eh big box. What a great deal you found!

  4. I love your collections and your windows are my favorite. I recently started collecting old wooden tool boxes and I purchased one today from your shop. I can't wait to add it to my collection.

  5. Love all your collections, every one. I'm into collecting vintage lambs and lamb art at the present. Of course I can't walk by a piece of ironstone without at least stopping and looking. Can you be a home decor blogger and not like ironstone??

  6. I can relate so well with your post because I'm a collector. Right now I find I'm always on the lookout for wonderful breadboards of all sizes. And yes, I love those wire baskets too.
    Mary Alice

  7. You're collections are so cool! I'm with you about the ironstone and old wood boxes. Love them!

  8. Great collections Lindsay and i loved your photos in Romantic Homes.

  9. You and I are experiencing the same taste in collections... I am really into white old boxes and crates and love anything architectural salvage..Love your wall of plates/platters..Happy collecting.. Blessings!

  10. Oh I guess you can say that my thing has been vintage ironstone and old scales.


  11. I love all of your wonderful collections! I've never used hydrangea in a box like that...the combination is gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. All so wonderful Lins! Where did you get your hydrangeas? I need some but cant find any that do not cost and arm and a leg. Thanx for partying at THt!

  13. I love your box displays. I find i'm drawn to birdies for some strange reason at the moment. It's funny how we get caught up in a particular type of thing. :)

  14. old crates are a new fav of mine right now, too:) you have a wonderful collection of ironstone, linsey!

  15. Love the new look, your new finds fit it nicely with the rest of your things. . . right now I am hunting for old quilts, I recently removed the doors from an old cupboard and I want to display them in there. I am always adding to my crock bowl collection and French linens. Happy Spring. . .

  16. That was a great find! LOVE coming across those old wood totes or boxes.Hmmmmm that is a hard question because like you there are so many things that interest me and my taste is quite eclectic.I have been draw to chippy pink paint lately.I don't know why.And I don't want to over do it.Maybe because spring is almost here I am drawn the the sweet color of pink.And chippy pink is the best!

  17. Great collections! I've been on a vintage wooden hanger hunt lately. Don't know why, but it is fun.
    Farmhouse hugs,

  18. I adore all of your collections! Lately I've been drawn to silver pieces (especially trophies) but I have TONS of collections! :)

  19. The collections at my house are getting to be all over the place. I did come home with all sorts of metal this week, trays and baskets and a pan as well as a flag with a metal flagpole. Love your new baskets because there are so many ways to use them.
    Liz @ Quirky Vistas

  20. Love your collections--especially the wire baskets! Smiles...Bev

  21. I love, love old wooden crates and boxes and find so many uses them.


  22. I have gone through the wooden crates, and ironstone, and jadite faze and sold just about all of those items, now I am just looking for vintage fancy buttons and vintage cotton lace

    I have a silver tray collection that I have held onto.
    I have so many collections I have started selling some items


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