Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Come on vacation with me...

I'm on vacation...

and to me, vacation means doing what you like doing most.

So today, with my 4 year old sweetie pie in tow, I hit up a few thrift shops. I even splurged ($15) on this gorgeous old tray at my sweet friend Ellen's antique shop. 

These pale blush pink embroidered napkins whisper spring, don't they? The old wire colander is great for industrial display. Can't pass up a wire basket. No sir! 

This kitsch little vintage bunny whispered to me also, with her "come hither" bedroom eyes. 

These Independence ironstone plates were pennies. One of them is pretty beat up. Call me crazy, but I love the cracks, crazing and tea stains.

 Old metal embroidery hoops combine the softness of sewing with the industrial-ness of timeworn metal. I love the combined textures.

Oh hello there! Did the bunny whisper to you too Haddy Liz?

 Also for pennies was this pressed glass (butter dish?) and some old crafting stamen. It's even prettier in person!

A coiled metal letter holder is always fun to play with.

And there you have it! Our loot for the day. And what a beautiful, sunny spring-like day it was. ☼

Happy hunting-



  1. Fun finds, Linsey!
    You sure have a sweet little helper.:)

  2. Thank you Tina! She's laying by my feet snoozing away. All that shopping must've worn her out. haha

  3. A thrifting day would be my vacation too! Oh happy day to just peruse until you find treasures! Glad I found your lovely blog. I'm a new follower. Happy Creating, Catherine

  4. Great finds! LOVE those sweet napkins! And that little bunny too! All great treasures!Glad you are enjoying your vacation and spring time weather.Its only 30 here today burrrrr.

  5. You had a great day! These are wonderful treasures and you had a precious helper! :)


  6. Now how could you not have a fun day thriftn' with that cute little helper. Let's favorites are that charming tray, letter holder and that darling little bunny. Thanks for shraring at my party.


  7. Miss P is just too too precious Lins!! Love your treasures and thanx for partying at my place!:)

  8. Oh...I like it all!!!
    Farmhouse hugs,

  9. You did good Linsey, I LOVE that old tray! Love the sweet picture of your daughter too, so cute!

  10. GREAT treasures you found, Linsey - and how nice you and your sweetie pie spent good time together....she is a thrifter in the making!

    Well done.

  11. Nice finds. The perfect thing to do on vacation.

  12. Sounds like you and your sweet daughter had a great little vacation. Wonderful finds! Loving that tray with fabulous patina!!
    Mary Alice

  13. Linsey, you have such a little sweetie!!!! You have some lovely treasures there!

  14. Hi Linsey, Im a new reader and follower of your blog.. I so enjoyed this post.. I LOVE those napkins! :)

  15. Sweet Finds! Love the way you displayed them!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  16. Great finds! I always feel like I'm playing hooky when I spend the day at the thrift stores! Even though technically....I am working on the business....right? Of course, I don't have an adorable shopping companion which can make it MUCH more fun!

  17. you are a woman after my own heart. love the combined textures!


  18. Sweet pics. I like your idea of a vacation!!!!!

  19. What a perfectly perfect day Linsey! I'd vacation with you anyday.

  20. Great finds, Linsey. Your little one is very sweet.

  21. What cute finds! I had to smile at the butter dish - to me it looks like it has toes on either end!

  22. Hope you are enjoying your spring break!! Gorgeous photos!

  23. Spring break is just days away and I think I will be out thrifting just like you. My husband is recovering from major surgery so no trips are in the works. The thought of a week at home to fluff and primp and garden are looking pretty good.

  24. How fun to go thrifting on vacation. You found some great stuff! I absolutely love cloth napkins. We use them everyday. I just ordered some great blue and white gingham ones off of ebay recently and love them.


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